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How Data-Driven Insights Lead to a Successful Content Strategy

By Meike Zimmermann on 22/05/24 11:32

A data-driven content strategy is the perfect way to roll out the red carpet for B2B prospects. After all, with the right data, you can understand your target group better – and write content with greater added value. Data-driven insights help your content campaign gain more visibility and show you where you need to sharpen up. Here we share with you the five cornerstones of a content strategy in which the right data leads to greater success. 

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5 Examples of Excellent B2B Inbound Marketing

By Cornelia Niesner on 24/02/22 11:36

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures – this or something similar sounding could be the slogan for inbound marketing. The triumph of the social web has also brought about many changes in companies’ marketing approach. It was essential to recognise that the trends shifted away from classic push marketing and towards pull marketing and to implement this in the best way possible. The effect: companies are producing more and more high-quality and relevant content instead of relying solely on advertising messages with a high scatter effect.

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How Brand Tracking Helps You Increase Awareness in B2B Marketing

By Joy Corkery on 18/11/20 11:20

Increasing brand awareness is no easy game – especially in the B2B space, where target audiences can be smaller and more niche.

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How Do I Keep Coming Up With Fresh Content Ideas?

By Yuki Braun on 27/09/19 08:15

Day in and day out, more than five million blog posts are uploaded to the internet. With so much content being churned out by the second, producing something memorable is the only way for you to grab hold of potential visitors, prospects and leads.

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How to Create Content That Will Actually Generate Leads

By Yuki Braun on 24/04/19 14:00

"What exactly is my audience looking for?" That's the million dollar question. Knowing exactly what your prospects want might sound like an impossible task, but there are a few key things you should be including in your content that are sure to boost your popularity.

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The 5 Types of Interactive Content You Need to Try Out ASAP

By Yuki Braun on 15/03/19 10:44

While it’s not a secret that keeping your audience engaged is the essential strategy to secure leads, how to capture their attention is not a straightforward task.

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How to Use Topic Clusters in Content Marketing and SEO

By Yuki Braun on 18/02/19 16:12

Pillar Content and Topic Clusters are the way to increase your organic search results and stand out from the crowd of other B2B companies.

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9 Steps to the Perfect B2B Content Marketing Strategy

By Yuki Braun on 30/01/19 10:56

Content Marketing has grown to be one of the most successful marketing strategies in recent years. However, the core principles of this philosophy may not immediately seem like the most straight-forward, especially when you’re dealing with B2B, or business-to-business, marketing.

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6 Ways to Utilise Instagram for B2B Content Marketing

By Jannika Otte on 16/01/19 09:44

B2C loves Instagram, small businesses swear on Facebook, e-commerce praises Pinterest, young entrepreneurs are obsessed with Snapchat, LinkedIn is made for B2B and no one expects anything from Twitter anymore? You’ve probably heard something similar from your marketing department or agency. Unfortunately, it’s wrong!

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