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Growth Strategies for a Highly Regulated Industry.


Strengthen Trust, Increase Customer Loyalty, Generate Leads

Reputation, confidentiality, stability and security: these values are crucial in the financial sector. Financial service providers like banks and insurance companies operate in a highly regulated environment. Simultaneously, there is pressure for technological innovation. Established providers are in competition with neobanks, start-ups and so on. Customer loyalty and service quality are becoming decisive factors for success.

In view of these challenges, it's all the more important that your financial company positions itself clearly and effectively in the market. Digital marketing helps you do so: high-quality content explains the benefits of your services to the target group, strengthens your brand and creates trust. &weekly supports you with customised strategies and effective campaigns.

Banking Services

Banks offer financial services such as loans, investment products and account management. New digital approaches and strict regulation pose specific challenges. Through targeted campaigns and high-quality content, marketing creates trust, maintains customer relationships and strengthens the brand.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies offer financial products for risk management that are highly regulated and often difficult to distinguish. Positioning the company as a reliable partner is particularly important. Digital marketing solutions contribute to this via informative content and personalised campaigns.

Payment Services

Payment providers specialise in transaction processing and payment systems. They operate at the interface between technology and financial services, and their offerings are correspondingly complex. Comprehensible, regulatory-compliant communication takes centre stage in marketing.


Successful Together: Our Customers

&weekly supports you with precise strategies, attractive content and efficient automation. Here are some financial service suppliers who are already benefiting from our services:

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Impact Story: Contovista

»&weekly stood out due to its profound FinTech expertise as well as its strategy, planning and execution prowess. What’s more, our philosophies were aligned from the very outset.«

Thomas Peischl
Senior Marketing Manager, Contovista


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How We Achieve Impact for Financial Service Providers Through Scalable Marketing Solutions

  • Strategy Consulting: We develop and implement effective strategies that convey important industry values, such as trust and solidity. 
  • Content Marketing: We use high-quality content to reach target groups and generate qualified leads, even in niche markets.
  • Personalised Campaigns: We increase customer loyalty through personalised email campaigns that position the financial institution as a relevant partner.
  • Social Media: We elevate profiles through meaningful posts, for example on trending topics like regulation or cyber security. 
  • CRM and Automation: We provide support with CRM implementation and automation in order to measurably maximise marketing efficiency.
  • SEO and Optimisation: We increase search engine visibility and generate more relevant traffic.

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Our success stories demonstrate how we achieve measurable results for financial service providers with targeted marketing strategies and technological expertise. From increasing brand awareness to generating qualified leads – learn from our clients' experiences and find inspiration for your own B2B marketing.


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