Sophisticated Channel Strategies for Effective B2B Marketing.


The Right Choice of Channels for Your Success

An effective channel strategy is not an add-on, but an integral part of your marketing concept. It ensures that your value proposition achieves its goal. The marketing experts at &weekly develop strategies that effectively address relevant target groups via the appropriate channels, from paid search to email marketing. In doing so, we can maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns by making optimal use of the defined budget.

The channel mix is a key success factor here. We customise the selection to your goals and specific situation, weighted according to the market, buyer persona and different phases of the buyer's journey. This will help you generate more qualified leads and increase your conversion rate. And that's not just a promise: we use data-driven approaches to ensure measurable results and continuous optimisation.

Paid Search

Paid search increases the visibility of your B2B campaigns in search engines. Through keyword research and targeted ads, we can reach the right people and guide the buyer persona to optimised landing pages with effective call-to-actions that convert.

Paid Social

Your target group is active on social networks. Your company should do the same. Paid social campaigns create reach, allow rapid scaling and offer a measurable return on investment. Attractive content and precise targeting ensure that you make an impact.


Email campaigns are particularly important in the B2B context. They open up direct access to decision-makers and enable effective lead nurturing, even in lengthy acquisition cycles. The relationship with target groups is cultivated and trust is earned. This cost-effective format simultaneously allows a high degree of personalisation and extensive automation.

Social Media

Social media is more than just a channel, it's a platform for dialogue and brand building. On LinkedIn, the professional network, industry communities and thought leaders exchange ideas and news. You can participate through high-quality organic contributions. This allows you to build an authentic, consistent presence for your brand and encourage interaction with your target group.

Landing Pages

A good landing page is essential to really "catch" prospects. For landing pages to convert, they need a clear message, appealing design, effective call-to-actions and user-friendly forms.


Your company's website is the central anchor point for your digital marketing. Good websites are visually appealing and convincing in terms of content, they convey a consistent brand message and score highly in terms of user-friendliness. Strategic search engine optimisation puts them in the important target groups’ focus.

How Companies Benefit From Our Strategic Expertise in the Development of Scalable Marketing Solutions

  • Increase Click Rates and Traffic: With well thought-out paid search and paid social strategies, we create visibility for the exact B2B topics that interest your target group - through keyword optimisation and perfect ad placement.
  • Increase Engagement: We ensure that your target group recognises your expertise and interacts with you. Paid social and organic social campaigns generate brand presence on social platforms and generate leads.
  • Direct Communication with the Target Group: We use email marketing to address your target group in a direct, personalised way. Your message is conveyed in a targeted manner and customer loyalty is promoted.
  • Strong Presence on Social Platforms: We use social media marketing to strengthen your brand presence. This is achieved with high-quality content that is relevant to the target group.
  • Increase Conversion Rates: With strategically structured assets, we make it easier for prospective customers to take the desired action – with effective call-to-actions, for more conversions.
  • Sharpen Your Brand Profile: We consistently emphasise your brand across all channels – from email to website. With values such as solution expertise and innovative strength, you’ll win over your B2B target group.

Customer Impact Is What Counts. Get To Know Our Customer Stories.

At &weekly, we measure our success by that of our customers. Our customer stories show how we turn tailored strategies into measurable success. From increasing brand awareness and activating engagement strategies to generating high-quality leads: Each case study tells its own individual B2B marketing success story.


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