Sustainability at &weekly

Our goals and measures for social, environmental and economic sustainability.

A world for future generations

Our Sustainability
Report 2023


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Our Responsibility, Our Contribution

At &weekly, we want to contribute to a world for future generations, create a healthy working environment and raise awareness among our team, as well as all stakeholders, that they are important partners on our journey to a climate-friendly company.

What's our plan at &weekly?

  • &weekly calculates its own carbon footprint, reduces emissions and, if needed, actively offsets.
  • &weekly creates the environment for fair working conditions, including mental health, work-life balance and diversity and inclusion policies.
  • &weekly supports a non-competitive growth policy, focusing on a long-term oriented business practice and sustainable growth.
  • &weekly actively seeks partners who will work with us towards a more sustainable business practice, whether it be in the customer sector or with our suppliers.
  • &weekly incorporates sustainability into its corporate strategy and reflects it in its corporate objectives.
  • &weekly develops an annual action plan and measures the results of the individual steps.
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What does sustainability mean to us?

Sustainability means that all our activities are ecologically sound, socially just and economically viable – especially with regard to future generations (yours and our children and grandchildren!).

Our sustainability goals are meant to ensure that our daily work contributes to a future worth living for future generations. They enable us to act in accordance with our universal values, such as long-term success and vision, but also kindness, justice and purpose.

There are three main criteria that we consider in our sustainability practices: environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability.


Want to hear all the details?

Click here to explore our manifest, in which we present our sustainability strategy openly and transparently – just press the button and the PDF will open in a new browser window.


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Goal 1: Environmental Sustainability

  • Analysis and annual calculation of our carbon footprint
  • Reduction and compensation of unavoidable CO2 emissions
  • Developing and following our action plan
  • Measurement and reporting of our reduction measures

Goal 2: Social Sustainability

  • We welcome everyone and communicate this in all areas
  • Calm for Work (the app), virtual coffee meetings and budget for trainings
  • Working from (almost) anywhere, flexible scheduling and time-off models.
  • We measure our collective success, not our hours

Goal 3: Economic Sustainability

  • Ask the important question: Can we and our clients achieve our goals together?
  • Working with partners who support our sustainability agenda
  • We adhere to defined deal breakers, even if a deal appears to be commercially attractive
  • We think and act with a long-term perspective and trust in our relationships with employees, customers and partners

Got questions, your own story or want to know where we are at right now?

Feel free to contact Jannika for details of our journey to carbon neutrality!