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Strong Innovative Power, Fast Cycles, Digital Dynamics

The software and tech industry is laying the groundwork for future growth prospects and economic strength. SaaS providers are offering innovative features as cloud-based services, while tech companies are supporting the transformation of entire industries with their solutions.

In this growth sector, everything revolves around forward-looking solutions that are quickly brought to market and used by customers. As a provider in the software and tech sector with ambitious growth targets, you need to communicate the benefits of your offering clearly and concisely. Succinct messaging sets your company apart from the intense competition, often with similar products. Reducing costs for customer acquisition is a top priority. &weekly supports you with these challenges.


SaaS marketing must communicate the added value of technology solutions in an accessible way. Competent content demonstrates thought leadership and creates trust among a demanding target group. Important success factors: topicality, long-term customer loyalty and optimisation through automation.


These providers deliver technical solutions that allow hardware to be optimised using software. Marketing communication explains these complex products in a comprehensible way and with a consistent focus on the target group's pain points, ensuring that these are addressed.


Successful Together: Our Customers

&weekly supports you with precise strategies, attractive content and efficient automation. Here are some software and tech providers who are already benefiting from our services:

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Impact Story: Legartis

»We’re not a typical company and have always set the bar very high. However, &weekly is highly performance-oriented and is only satisfied when our common goals have been achieved. The cooperation with &weekly is seamless – it’s like they are part of our team.«

Nicole Schnetzer
Head of Marketing, Legartis


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How We Create Impact for Software & Tech Suppliers Through Scalable Marketing Solutions

  • Content Marketing: We develop content strategies that differentiate a provider in competitive markets and generate more qualified leads.
  • SEO and Optimisation: We increase search engine visibility and conversion rates – even for niche products.
  • Campaigns: We design effective email nurturing and paid campaigns. We use account-based marketing (ABM) to target key customers.
  • CRM Systems and Automation: We provide support with CRM implementation and optimisation – for more effective campaigns and intelligent automation.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: We optimise the touchpoints and customer experience along your individual customer journey.
  • Web Design and Development: We create the basis for digital brand presence with conversion-oriented websites.

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Our success stories demonstrate how we achieve measurable results for suppliers of software & tech with targeted marketing strategies and technological expertise. From increasing brand awareness to generating qualified leads – learn from our clients' experiences and find inspiration for your own B2B marketing.


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