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Core Services Between Efficiency and Regulation

Infrastructure and logistics are fundamental to the economy and to society. Accordingly, many segments of the industry are heavily regulated. For your company, however, this is only one of the current challenges you're facing. You operate in a complex ecosystem with different players. Your B2B customers expect high efficiency, reliable service and increasingly sustainable behaviour. 

You need to communicate all of this effectively in your marketing. Let &weekly support you with customised strategies. Using well-founded communication, we strengthen trust with your target group, emphasise competence and promote differentiation in saturated markets. From energy to property to transport: we know the core topics of your industry and deliver measurable results.

Energy Industry

Volatile resource markets, sustainable transformation and heavy regulation: energy companies and e-mobility providers have to position themselves in a complex environment. Effective marketing creates trust through transparency and maintains customer relationships using a personalised approach.

Commercial Real Estate

Office space is being used more flexibly and the home office trend is creating new realities in a saturated market. For commercial property and shared workspace providers, differentiation via marketing is therefore of central importance. Target groups are reached effectively via digital channels.

Transportation and Logistics

Stable supply chains are more important today than ever before. Customer expectations are rising – and so are the costs. Successful logistics companies and innovative supply chain technology providers are communicating their operational excellence through precise marketing approaches.


Successful Together: Our Customers

&weekly supports you with precise strategies, attractive content and efficient automation. Here are some providers in the infrastructure and logistics' sector who are already benefiting from our services:

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Impact Story: Wirelane

»Thanks to &weekly’s extensive marketing experience, we were able to roll out a campaign tailored precisely to the federal government’s funding across numerous channels and ultimately submit numerous funding applications together with our customers. The campaign was a resounding success!«

Constantin Schwaab
CEO, Wirelane


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Constantin Schwaab &weekly Reference

How We Achieve Impact for Infrastructure & Logistics Providers Through Scalable Marketing Solutions

  • Strategic Marketing Consulting: We develop effective strategies around industry topics such as sustainability and trust.
  • Content Marketing: We deliver content that is relevant to your target group and generates leads, from sustainability success stories to blog posts about digital enablers. 
  • Personalisation: We increase customer loyalty through personalised email campaigns.
  • Social Media: We strengthen thought leadership through engaging posts and reach the target group where they are.
  • CRM and Automation: We support CRM implementation and increase marketing efficiency to make optimal use of tight budgets. 
  • SEO and Optimisation: We increase search engine visibility and develop optimised websites – for more leads and higher conversion rates.

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Our success stories demonstrate how we achieve measurable results for logistics service providers with targeted marketing strategies and technological expertise. From increasing brand awareness to generating qualified leads – learn from our clients' experiences and find inspiration for your own B2B marketing.


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