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3 min read

Use This Lead Scoring Model to Secure Higher Conversion Rates

Are you constantly on the hunt for positive customer reviews? With a sophisticated lead scoring model in your CRM, you...

4 min read

Almost Magical: How to Build a Lead Qualification Process

Filtering out your next customers from the huge volume of leads is the high school of marketing. By implementing our...

5 min read

How Do You Measure Inbound Marketing? The Top 11 Metrics

Which marketing metrics are significant in inbound marketing and how can you best track them? We’ve compiled the top 11...

7 min read

Go-To-Market Strategy: Your Digital Marketing Master Plan in Six Steps

The idea is fantastic, the product is terrific, the feedback from all respondents is exuberant – it’s crystal clear...

9 min read

10 Typical Marketing and Sales Challenges You Can Solve with HubSpot

Are you contemplating using the HubSpot CRM platform to digitalise your marketing and sales processes? It’s a great...

9 min read

B2B Social Media Strategy: How Your Business Can Use Social Media Better

Do you have a moment to answer three questions about your B2B social media strategy? Don’t worry, it won’t take long:


7 min read

Can Buyer Personas and Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) Co-Exist?

Before you found your first client, wrote your first inbound blog, or even got involved with marketing at all, you...

5 min read

5 Examples of Excellent B2B Inbound Marketing

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures – this or something similar sounding could be the slogan for ...

3 min read

Svensson & Friends Becomes &weekly: Our New Brand Goes Live

New year, new brand? No. Because we've been looking at how we can weatherproof our company's brand identity for the...

7 min read

4 Steps to Crafting Your SaaS Startup Marketing and Sales Strategy

Creating a strong, successful marketing strategy is a big task for any company, and marketing a SaaS product is no...

4 min read

How Brand Tracking Helps You Increase Awareness in B2B Marketing

Increasing brand awareness is no easy game – especially in the B2B space, where target audiences can be smaller and...