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Optimised Marketing Strategy with GenAI

By Raul Sfat on 27/03/24 09:30

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Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is a real all-round talent. There are a particularly large number of applications for the new technology in marketing – and one of the most exciting is strategy optimisation.

Since the release of ChatGPT, the amazing capabilities of GenAI chatbots have been captivating users. GenAI can create application letters, write poetry and even codealmost like a human. But it can also do much more.

With the appropriate specifications, the chatbot can transform into a powerful tool that takes on very specific tasks and performs them according to the user's wishes. For example, GenAI provides excellent support in designing better B2B marketing strategies. The only question is how exactly to use the GenAI tools for this purpose. We at &weekly have gathered extensive experience with GenAI in day-to-day marketing – and now we want to show you which of the technology's capabilities are the best places to start.

How GenAI Helps Your Marketing Strategy

GenAI has two major advantages. The chatbots are intuitive and can be operated without prior knowledge. And thanks to large language models, they have universal knowledge of the world, which they can supplement with internet search. This means that users do not need to train GenAI specifically to use it as a strategy tool. The many possible applications and capabilities make GenAI particularly useful for strategy optimisation.

When discussing GenAI, the generation of texts or other documents often takes centre stage. However, other GenAI capabilities also come into play in strategy optimisation. The chatbots can analyse data and documents, structure material according to particular criteria, and optimise documents and concepts by suggesting better alternatives. This brings many concrete advantages:

  • Time savings.
  • Strategies are based on more, and better, insights.
  • Strategies can be optimised more effectively.
  • The strategy is more impactful.

For marketing teams, this means a significant potential performance boost. According to studies, GenAI increases employee productivity in marketing and sales by up to 100 % (BCG).

Fourfold Support: GenAI as a Strategy Tool



Generating content is not a direct function of a marketing strategy. Nevertheless, this skill also helps with strategy optimisation.

Use Case

GenAI can be used to write strategic frameworks and similar documents. It can write reports and analyses. It can also formulate content ideas for predefined topics or generate a customer journey. Strictly speaking, however, this is already beyond the scope of "simple" generation.



GenAI communicates like human dialogue partners – in everyday language. Behind this capabiliy are enormous computing capacities that can be tapped into indirectly using prompts. This makes GenAI very suitable for complex data analyses. GenAI can analyse large documents or data sets almost in real time. It recognises patterns and outputs results in the desired way. Chatbots with internet access can also carry out complex online analyses.

Use Case

This ability to analyse is valuable when creating a go-to-market strategy, for example. You’ll need information about the target market and industry circumstances, in particular about attractive target companies as well as current macro trends and competitor products. GenAI provides these insights much faster than manual research and can compile its findings into a report. GenAI analyses also help with content strategy, for example by collecting topics and trends for blog posts or white papers. A good starting point is to analyse the content strategies of competitors – also with the help of GenAI, of course.


After collecting and analysing information, the next step is to develop conceptual content – structuring. Here, too, GenAI can provide comprehensive support. These tools understand complex instructions and are familiar with the relevant specialist areas and frameworks used as reference points. They are also familiar with the formats that are suitable for a certain type of structure, for example. The results are structured documents that bring conceptual clarity to the material according to the desired logic. There is an enormous range of applications for this.

Use Case

Based on previous research and analyses, GenAI can segment the target group and create profiles of the key buyer personas – essential for the go-to-market strategy. It's possible to establish specific pain points, which then flow into suitable value propositions and appropriate core messages, differentiated according to personas. Another area of application is the campaign strategy – e.g. channel selection. GenAI supports marketing managers in finding the perfect channel mix (paid social, organic, etc.), tailored to the phases of the buyer's journey.



Does an aspect of your existing marketing strategy have potential for improvement, such as your content strategy? GenAI provides alternatives and optimisation suggestions whenever you need them. Users can also refine the results over several rounds – for example, the SEO optimisation of content to increase search engine visibility is particularly important for marketing campaigns. GenAI provides helpful suggestions of suitable keywords on relevant topics.

Use Case

Marketing managers can use GenAI to also improve the customer journey, for example by equipping it with appropriate content formats. Targeted KPIs and benchmarks are needed to assess the effectiveness of a campaign, and GenAI can explain which ones are suitable to do so. For campaign optimisation, the chatbot can make improvement suggestions based on these KPIs. Users can also optimise campaigns with regard to specific goals and compare different options, for example with metrics such as Return On Ads Spend (ROAS).

GenAI Guide B2B Marketing

Steps to Implementation: GenAI, your New Team Member

From generation to optimisation: GenAI's versatile capabilities are what make this form of AI the perfect virtual assistant for developing a marketing strategy. And that label is to be taken quite literally: a good application of GenAI is to assign the chatbot a role as a team member responsible for certain tasks. With paid versions of ChatGPT, you can also save presets or define your own GPTs for this purpose. In any case, the potential of GenAI in B2B marketing is enormous. However, to fully exploit it, marketing managers should continue to focus on and optimise other areas, such as content, campaigns, automation and CRM.

That’s exactly why we have compiled a comprehensive GenAI guide that explains over 20 exciting use cases in all areas of B2B marketing and strategically categorises each one. It also gives you important tips for GenAI implementation, such as data protection, security and risk management. It is well known, for example, that GenAI can produce incorrect results. Quality control by human employees is therefore essential.

Want to find out more about the specific use of GenAI in B2B marketing? Then read the new GenAI guide now. You can download it for free here.

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