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Gen AI in Digital Marketing


Strategy and Enablement

We consult and enable B2B companies to achieve sustainable growth with digital marketing. &weekly connects strategies, content, channels and technologies to scalable marketing solutions. For measurable impact that has a lasting effect.


B2B marketing strategies tailored towards go-to-market and buyer's journeys, comprising three planning areas: target audiences, content, and campaigns.

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Through relevant content, we strengthen your brand, demonstrate thought leadership, and build trust among B2B decision-makers and your target audiences.

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Optimal channel mix for campaigns, aligned with business strategies, target customers, and buyer's journeys, to maximize brand awareness and lead generation.

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Digital platforms and CRM systems for data-driven insights and automation. We assist you and your team in selecting and implementing the right solutions for your business.

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Successful Together: Our Customers

&weekly supports you with the help of precise strategies, attractive content and efficient automation. Here are some leading B2B companies that are benefiting from this:

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Focused Marketing Expertise for All B2B Sectors

&weekly offers digital marketing for B2B companies from all sectors and sizes, from start-ups to large corporations. With broad industry expertise and many years of experience, we achieve measurable results.

Industrial Goods

From production automation to building materials – companies in this industry boost growth with networked assets and sustainable approaches. We offer support with targeted marketing strategies for durable industrial goods.

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Financial Services

For banks, insurance companies and payment providers, topics such as reputation, regulation and differentiation take centre stage. We create trust and generate leads through high-quality content and personalised campaigns.

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Professional Services

HR and management consultancies solve customer challenges with knowledge-based services. In our marketing concepts, we position providers as thought leaders and communicate the added value of their offerings.

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For healthcare, medical technology and pharmaceutical providers, the right balance of empathy and efficiency is crucial. At &weekly, we develop customised marketing strategies tailored to the specific values of the industry.

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Commerce & Retail

B2B retail delivers professional solutions for demanding business customers who expect personalised services. Our marketing approaches are tailored specifically to this target group and ensure successful long-term customer relationships.

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Software & Tech

The technology sector is characterised by fast innovation cycles and high competitive pressure. We develop strategies for convincing market differentiation and maximum cost efficiency in customer acquisition.

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Infrastructure & Logistics

Companies in sectors such as transport and energy operate in a complex, highly regulated environment. Our marketing solutions help to build trust and raise your profile in complex markets.

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Maximise Your Marketing Potential With GenAI.

We'll show you how you can use ChatGPT and alternative AI tools to take your B2B marketing to the next level. Our GenAI guide gives you the 20+ most exciting use cases as well as valuable implementation tips so that you can get started right away – from your own GenAI strategy to risk management.


Gen AI in Digital Marketing


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