Content Is the Driver of Strong B2B Campaigns.


Achieve Your Goals With Well Thought-Out Content

Competent, stimulating content attracts an audience by offering added value. Well-founded and professional, it offers useful solutions to the business-related questions your target group is grappling with. Questions to which your B2B offer offers a coherent answer.

High-quality blog articles, whitepapers and other B2B content formats inform, activate and convince your target group – and position you as a thought leader in the industry at the same time. 

A coherent strategic approach is crucial for success. &weekly develops carefully crafted content strategies tailored precisely to the needs of your target group and the phases of the buyer's journey. From this, we create professional content that helps you achieve your goals.


Blogs are an effective top of the funnel format, ideal for the awareness phase of the buyer's journey. They address industry trends, new solutions or relevant news in an appealing, informative format. Search engine-optimised blogs ensure greater visibility and boost thought leadership.

Whitepapers and Customer Stories

Whitepapers present complex topics related to your solutions in more detail. Customer stories show how other companies have overcome challenges with your help. Both content types support the consideration phase, in which B2B decision-makers consider your offer in more detail. They build trust and showcase your expertise in a convincing way.

Solution Briefs

Solution briefs summarize your solutions concisely and to the point. This makes them particularly suitable for the final phase of the buyer's journey: the target group is about to make a decision and wants to know the details of your approach or service. The solution brief tells them everything they need to know about the benefits of your offer.

Social Media, Emails and Ads

Social posts create an authentic brand presence in the community. Email campaigns allow you to personally address your target group directly. Optimally placed adverts effectively convey messages to your target group. These formats are used along the entire buyer's journey.

Landing Pages and Pillar Pages

Landing pages are an important tool for converting contacts. Success depends particularly on effectively implemented call-to-actions. As detailed anchor pages, pillar pages illuminate topics from different perspectives, demonstrate thought leadership and encourage action.


The company website is an online representation of your company and the central hub for digital marketing activities. A visually and content-strong presence is therefore key. When designing and implementing the website, technical functionality, user-friendliness and optimisation for search engines are also of great importance.

How Companies Benefit From Our Strategic Expertise in the Development of Scalable Marketing Solutions

  • Content with Industry Expertise: B2B content for your industry is our strength. At &weekly, a content team with in-depth expertise and a wide range of formats is here to support you – from whitepapers to blogs.
  • Effective Strategies: We increase success using sophisticated strategies that optimise every content format – in line with the buyer persona and buyer's journey.
  • Maximum Visibility: Content is only useful if it's being seen. We make sure that it is through keyword optimisation and the strategic design of websites and landing pages.
  • Coherent Appearance: Your content reflects your brand. Seamless integration and consistent execution of all content elements is therefore our priority.
  • Measurable Results: We rely on data-driven approaches to objectively measure content success. This allows us to continuously optimise your marketing.
  • Enablement and Empowerment: We not only deliver content, but also pass on our strategic knowledge to you – so that you can achieve marketing success long-term.

Customer Impact Is What Counts. Get To Know Our Customer Stories.

At &weekly, we measure our success by that of our customers. Our customer stories show how we turn tailored strategies into measurable success. From increasing brand awareness and activating engagement strategies to generating high-quality leads: Each case study tells its own individual B2B marketing success story.


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B2B Content Best Practice

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