Empathetic and Competent: Marketing in the Healthcare Sector.


Essential Services, People-Centred and Efficient

A special industry with social significance: empathy is just as important to healthcare companies as efficiency and scientific precision. Care, medical technology and pharmaceutical providers therefore place high demands on marketing.

Whether sensitive care services, a network of diagnostic devices or pioneering medicines: the services and products of this sector are often both very complex and highly regulated. In order to increase your company's growth, you need to clearly communicate the benefits of your offering while keeping an eye on compliance and ethical aspects. We use digital marketing to help you emphasise your expertise, connect with people and address B2B target groups in a differentiated way.

Care Providers

The care sector thrives on empathy and trust. This must also be reflected in its marketing messages: informative, supportive content with social sensitivity and sound expertise positions your brand in a competitive, dynamic market.

Medical Technology

Medical technology improves patient care using innovative technology and intelligent aids. In an increasingly digital environment, effective marketing breaks down complex products in a target group-specific and technically sound way – always keeping current trends and compliance aspects in mind. 


Hardly any other sector is as research-intensive as the pharmaceutical industry. Marketing must therefore combine scientific precision with comprehensibility and a focus on the benefits for patients. Its regulatory complexity is particularly pronounced.


Successful Together: Our Customers

&weekly supports you with precise strategies, attractive content and efficient automation. Here are some healthcare providers who are already benefiting from our services:

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Impact Story: advita

»The professional consulting from &weekly, helped us to identify the right CRM system for our specific requirements. The cooperation was competent and pleasant right from the start, and the support in digitizing our sales and marketing processes has helped us to coordinate our teams more efficiently and not lose any leads. &weekly has made a significant contribution to optimizing our organization and positioning us successfully in the digital age.«

Uli Schuppach
Head of Marketing and Sales, advita


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How We Create Impact for Healthcare Organisations Through Scalable Marketing Solutions

  • Content Marketing: We strengthen competence profiles and customer loyalty through human-centred content that addresses stakeholder groups in a differentiated way.
  • SEO and Optimisation: We optimise web content to generate more relevant traffic.
  • Campaigns: We design effective, personalised email campaigns. Paid and social media campaigns position the company with the target groups.
  • CRM Systems and Automation: We provide support with CRM implementation and optimisation to increase the efficiency of campaigns in a data-driven way. 
  • Compliance and Ethics: We develop and implement marketing strategies that meet specific industry requirements.
  • Web Design and Development: We improve the online presence of your healthcare company with high-quality websites.

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Our success stories demonstrate how we achieve measurable results for healthcare providers with targeted marketing strategies and technological expertise. From increasing brand awareness to generating qualified leads – learn from our clients' experiences and find inspiration for your own B2B marketing.


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