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Marketing of the Digital Generation Thanks to CRM

Spreadsheets have finally met their match: B2B companies are now using modern customer relationship management platforms for their marketing. The advantages of this technology are undeniable. All customer data is centralised in one integrated system. Contacts and engagement data for the marketing sector are synchronised via this "single source of truth". All of your teams' activities within the company are coordinated in real time. You can optimise your campaigns through customer segmentation, lead management and analytics. The automation of workflows and measures significantly increases efficiency.

With our in-depth CRM expertise, we support you during implementation and ongoing operations. We specialise in HubSpot solutions because this platform offers particularly high added value: it integrates the management of marketing, sales, service, operations and content for a clear overview, active customer relationships and sustainable growth.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

The Marketing Hub bundles all of your important data and connects it with your teams and tools. The solution enables centralised control of all activities such as email marketing, social media and other campaigns. Data-based decisions using integrated analytics functions, dashboards and reporting tools lead to better results.

HubSpot Sales Hub

The Sales Hub simplifies and accelerates your B2B sales processes, closely interlinked with your marketing strategy. It offers automated sales activities, lead management and efficient communication tools. Real-time insights and flexible forecasting tools help with pipeline optimisation through improved visibility.

HubSpot Service Hub

Customer service is particularly important in the B2B sector. The Service Hub helps you significantly increase efficiency and quality. Features such as a customer portal, integrated ticket systems, live chat and omnichannel messaging, customer feedback surveys and knowledge databases improve service processes and customer satisfaction – all directly connected to the CRM.

HubSpot Operations Hub

The Operations Hub is an intelligent tool for optimising marketing and sales processes and collaboration between your departments. In the Operations Hub, you can synchronise customer data across the board and maintain it with automated hygiene routines. You can also control data interaction with other systems and tools here.

HubSpot CMS Hub

Easily create and manage high-performance, state-of-the-art websites – this is made possible by the HubSpot CMS Hub, a powerful platform for content management. Search engine optimisation, personalisation and user-friendliness are some of its many functions. We support you from conception to implementation.

How Companies Benefit From Our Strategic Expertise in the Development of Scalable Marketing Solutions

  • Customised CRM Integration: The HubSpot tools need to be customised to your processes. We have many years of experience with this; we help with smooth implementation.
  • Comprehensive Training: Using HubSpot requires a great deal of know-how. We support you with enablement programmes so that you can make effective use of even the most advanced functions.
  • Strategic Focus: We not only provide technical support, but also help you integrate your CRM strategy with your business strategy and goals – so that you can achieve measurable results.
  • Personalised Solutions: HubSpot offers a wide range of personalisation options. We help you to make use of them – with marketing and sales campaigns that are precisely tailored to your target groups.
  • Maximum Process Optimisation: You benefit twice over from process optimisation with HubSpot tools: more efficient customer service increases satisfaction, while better operations reduce costs.
  • Impressive Websites: Your website is both a digital business card and a central marketing anchor point. We create your central digital marketing platform based on the HubSpot CMS Hub.


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