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Cleverly Designed Marketing Strategies Drive Growth

A holistic marketing strategy is the foundation for sustainable success. That's why this subject is a top priority at &weekly. We develop a strategy for you that brings together all of the most important parameters and is aligned with your business goals. This provides a framework for deriving tactical measures that all contribute to the same goal. Through the tracking of relevant metrics, your strategy can be continuously optimised.

&weekly supports you on three levels: we analyse how your company should position itself on the market (go-to-market strategy). We develop content that offers added value for your target group (content strategy). And we design a precise plan for campaigns that deliver measurable results (campaign strategy). With our marketing expertise, we have a deep understanding of complex B2B industries and use innovative approaches to get the most out of your budget.


The GTM strategy defines the guidelines for your marketing. Based on market insights, it defines target markets, customer segments and buyer personas. It also aligns your value proposition with the pain points of your target group so that you can optimally position your solutions.

Content Strategy

With relevant content, you can demonstrate expertise, strengthen your brand with the target group and establish thought leadership. The various content types are strategically aligned with the individual phases of the buyer's journey, from raising awareness through the consideration phase to the purchase decision.

Campaign Strategy

We implement your marketing goals via comprehensive campaign strategies. To do this, we develop an individual channel approach that is optimised for reach, lead generation and conversion. Benchmarks and metrics allow for continuous improvement. Account-based marketing (ABM) increases effectiveness through focussing.

How Companies Benefit From Our Strategic Expertise in the Development of Scalable Marketing Solutions

  • Optimal Positioning in the Market: We develop customised go-to-market strategies that are tailored to the specific segments of your target markets and enable predictable success.
  • Content that Convinces: Our content experts plan and produce high-quality content that reaches your target groups – from brainstorming to implementation and performance measurement.
  • Campaigns that Work: We work with clear goals and transparent metrics. This allows us to identify the most effective channels for your messages and generate more leads.
  • A Holistic Approach: Go-to-market, content, campaigns: we don't view our marketing solutions in isolation, but as a whole. All solutions complement and reinforce each other. 
  • Focus on Enablement: We support you in building new skills and using tools. This way, we can anchor sustainable marketing success within your organisation.
  • Data-Driven Innovation: Our marketing strategies leverage new technologies and data analysis. Objective insights enable continuous optimisation and superior results.


Customer Impact Is What Counts. Get To Know Our Customer Stories.

At &weekly, we measure our success by that of our customers. Our customer stories show how we turn tailored strategies into measurable success. From increasing brand awareness and activating engagement strategies to generating high-quality leads: Each case study tells its own individual B2B marketing success story.


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