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Our Teamwork Formula: Respect and Appreciation

The success formula for our first-class teamwork? Respect in our dealings with one another and genuine appreciation for each other’s work, ideas and personality. We love to work together and do our best every day to achieve outstanding results for our customers.

Camilla Bernardi - &weekly - rectangle

Camilla Bernardi

Partner, Design
Jannika Otte - &weekly - rectangle

Jannika Otte

Partner, Customer Success
Meike Zimmermann - &weekly - rectangle

Meike Zimmermann

Partner, Content
Raul Sfat - &weekly - rectangle

Raul Sfat

Partner, Performance Marketing
Sven Montanus - &weekly - rectangle

Sven Montanus

Partner, CRM
Benjamin Altrichter - &weekly - rectangle

Benjamin Altrichter

Performance Marketing

Eugen Küßner

Jasper Baukes - &weekly - rectangle

Jasper Baukes

Working Student
Yuki Braun - &weekly - rectangle

Yuki Braun

Working Student
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HubSpot Consultant
Svensson Friends - Jobs

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HubSpot CMS Developer

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