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GenAI In Digital B2B Marketing

ChatGPT & Co: The Best Use Cases For Your Marketing Team

Everyone's talking about ChatGPT. We'll show you how you can use it to take your B2B marketing to the next level. Our marketing experts outline the 20+ most exciting use cases of this revolutionary AI tool. Our GenAI guide also gives you valuable implementation tips so that you can get started right away – from your own GenAI strategy to risk management.


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The GenAI Guide For Greater B2B Marketing Success

More than 20 applications and many essential practical tips, from brainstorming to automation: how to optimize your marketing strategy, content campaigns, channel strategy and technology with GenAI.


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"GenAI has come at exactly the right time for the marketing sector, because this new technology is helping to solve current challenges."

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Discover And Use The Best GenAI Applications

In our guide, we present 20+ attractive use cases for digital B2B marketing from our experts' points of view. We describe how they work and provide a useful strategic classification for all cases: this will tell you how much expertise is required in each case, how much effort is estimated and what efficiency gains are possible. 

The use cases are divided into the four areas that are important in digital B2B marketing: strategy, content, channels and technology. GenAI can help you in almost every area – whether it's target group segmentation, content planning or a more effective channel mix.

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Risks, Opportunities, Processes: Develop Your Own GenAI Strategy

ChatGPT & co have sensational capabilities, but GenAI chatbots are not a universal remedy: they also have their weaknesses. Your GenAI strategy must therefore be embedded in a solid risk management system to avoid the common GenAI problems, especially factual hallucinations and data protection deficiencies. 

We show you how to proceed with risk management and which GenAI offerings are particularly recommended for marketing. We also give you tips for prompting, i.e. strategies for formulating questions or tasks for the AI in a targeted manner. Our GenAI guide explains everything you need to know to use the new technology effectively. This powerful growth driver is something you should definitely take advantage of.

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