Raul Sfat

Raul Sfat

Raul is our growth guru. He rolls up his sleeves, picks up the growth levers and optimises as much as possible. Raul is not only an amazing tipster; he’s also a real go-getter. He helps our customers to achieve measurable results through digital marketing and sales strategies.

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7 min read

Go-To-Market Strategy: Your Digital Marketing Master Plan in Six Steps

By Raul Sfat on 26/09/22 15:28

The idea is fantastic, the product is terrific, the feedback from all respondents is exuberant – it’s crystal clear that no one can go without your solutions. The whole world has been waiting for you. But have you ever asked the small software company or the garden tool manufacturer?

9 min read

10 Typical Marketing and Sales Challenges You Can Solve with HubSpot

By Raul Sfat on 25/04/22 14:47

Are you contemplating using the HubSpot CRM platform to digitalise your marketing and sales processes? It’s a great idea, as HubSpot Marketing Hub and HubSpot Sales Hub enable you to solve lots of problems really easily.

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