Jannika Otte

Jannika Otte

Jannika has been familiar with what makes good storytelling from childhood – she used to infuriate her parents by begging them for goodnight stories. Whoever likes good stories cannot be a bad inbound marketer. Loves cats and is at home wherever she finds herself.

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B2B Social Media Strategy: How Your Business Can Use Social Media Better

By Jannika Otte on 13/04/22 10:38

Do you have a moment to answer three questions about your B2B social media strategy? Don’t worry, it won’t take long:

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4 min read

6 Ways to Utilise Instagram for B2B Content Marketing

By Jannika Otte on 16/01/19 09:44

B2C loves Instagram, small businesses swear on Facebook, e-commerce praises Pinterest, young entrepreneurs are obsessed with Snapchat, LinkedIn is made for B2B and no one expects anything from Twitter anymore? You’ve probably heard something similar from your marketing department or agency. Unfortunately, it’s wrong!

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3 min read

11 B2B Content Marketing Blogs You Need to Bookmark

By Jannika Otte on 04/09/18 09:14

Do you remember the enormous books from your college days? Can you still picture the extensive works with titles like "Everything You Need to Know About Marketing"? In the past, these were often our only references. Hard to imagine in a world where we've become so accustomed to the ultimate source of information: the internet.

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10 Inbound Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Know

By Jannika Otte on 18/07/18 14:10

"You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure." True! But quick availability and easy access to data in inbound marketing has led to a veritable flood of performance metrics. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by this wave of information.

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5 min read

5 Examples of Excellent B2B Inbound Marketing

By Jannika Otte on 24/01/18 11:36

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures – this or something similar sounding could be the slogan for inbound marketing. The triumph of the social web has also brought about many changes in companies’ marketing approach. It was essential to recognise that the trends shifted away from classic push marketing and towards pull marketing and to implement this in the best way possible. The effect: companies are producing more and more high-quality and relevant content instead of relying solely on advertising messages with a high scatter effect.

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