New year, new brand? No. Because we've been looking at how we can weatherproof our company's brand identity for the future for quite some time.

Founded in 2016 as Svensson & Friends, our company name has always been associated with me. But what really defines us is, of course, much more than a single person.

  • Our team has grown to more than 20 experts in digital marketing and sales services.
  • We support numerous customers in the implementation of scalable marketing and sales strategies over the long term.
  • We have deepened our industry expertise and offer holistic growth solutions for CleanTech, FinTech, IndustrialTech and SaaS companies.
  • With HubSpot, we have a strong partner for CRM solutions and are – as a Diamond Solutions Partner – one of the leading HubSpot agencies in the DACH region.
  • We relentlessly work on things that truly matter to us: We want to become carbon neutral in the short term and are trying to develop a work culture that is meaningful and characterized by freedom, personal responsibility and respect.
  • We have reorganized our shareholder structure so that we can work independently in the long term and make fundamental decisions on our own. All shares are in our hands with Raul and me as main shareholders and our management team as co-partners.

In short, we have outgrown the startup phase of the first years. You might also say: We have grown up and are ready for the next phase in the development of our still young company.

&weekly Stands for Partnership and Continuity in the Best Sense of the Word

So Svensson & Friends becomes &weekly. Why &weekly?

  • We wanted to find a brand name that was detached from a person and worked universally.
  • We wanted to find a brand name that sounded friendly, inviting and approachable.
  • We wanted to find a brand name that leaves room for new ideas and can exist in the long term.

Above all, however, we wanted to find a brand name that subtly picks up on our philosophy and way of working in our daily interactions – in our team and in our collaboration with our customers and partners.

“weekly” forms the core of our new brand and stands for rhythm and continuity. We are not a gig agency that thinks from one project to the next. We see ourselves as a long-term partner to our customers, translating complex marketing and sales challenges into sustainable growth strategies.

“&” stands for the connecting element that links topics, teams, customers and partners to create a unified whole. It is both a connector for teamwork and a placeholder for a wide range of digital marketing and sales topics:

&weekly stands for so much more, but above all it stands for our ambition to continuously evolve: to become an innovation hub for digital marketing and sales with deep industry expertise in B2B tech and with the highest quality standards in our weekly work.

It has always been our mission to advise and operationally support our customers holistically and at eye level in all things digital marketing and sales. With new service offerings and innovations emerging in the coming months and years, we will deliver on this promise.

Goodbye Svensson & Friends, Welcome to &weekly!

Sven Montanus

Written by Sven Montanus

From garage startups to tech giants, Sven has just about scrutinized everything that wanted to change the world when he was working as a journalist – an experience that is certainly not a disadvantage in inbound marketing. Hobby wine merchant and hobby chef.