Growth Marketing for Sustainable Innovation.


Digital Marketing and Sales for Scalable Growth in the CleanTech Sector

CleanTechs bring together two current megatrends: sustainability and technology. CleanTech start-ups are combating climate change, pollution and the status quo. Technology for a better world – sounds nice, but there’s a lot of work behind it and just as much need for education. Disruptive technologies can neither be explained nor understood in a few sentences.

We are constantly deepening our expertise in the CleanTech industry to address exactly this challenge and bridge the gap between CleanTech providers and their customers, partners and investors. A Go To Market Strategy that provides a precise understanding of the target group and their pain points, in-depth Content that speaks the language of your buyer personas, and intelligent Automation tailored to your needs are the building blocks underpinning our joint success.

With the full array of digital content offerings, we’re demonstrating why our cause is so crucial and why we need the support of partners, investors and customers.
Georg Dietrich, Efficient Energy
Georg Dietrich
CEO, Efficient Energy

Efficient Energy Relies on Unique Content and Personalised Marketing

How do you explain a technology that works beyond the bounds of possibility and launch a product in a completely digital manner? Read how our client Efficient Energy is turning an entire industry on its head with innovations at all levels.


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GTM Strategy

Sustainable growth in the CleanTech market requires a clean marketing and sales strategy – we design this together with you.

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Content Marketing

Customised content that appeals to your buyer personas – we are familiar with CleanTech jargon and create content for you from A to Z.

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Lead Generation

Do you need highly qualified leads? As CleanTech experts, we provide support from campaign design to stringent implementation.

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Scalable marketing and seamless sales processes provide the basis for efficient growth in the CleanTech market. We know exactly how to achieve both.

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Sales Enablement

Successful sales pitches, effective outreach and good timing are what characterise a modern sales organisation in the CleanTech sector.

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As a long-standing HubSpot Solutions Partner, we are very familiar with state-of-the-art CRM solutions – a fundamental building block for CleanTech success.

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Are you a CleanTech start-up or an established CleanTech company with ambitious growth goals?

If so, we recommend you arrange a free consultation with Jannika, our expert in digital marketing and sales strategies for the CleanTech industry.