Lead Generation

From More Traffic to New Customers.


Highly-Relevant Leads With a Genuine Interest in Your Topic

Through effective lead generation campaigns, we support you in successfully turning unknown prospects into loyal customers. To put it more precisely, lead generation involves gradually convincing people who have shown an interest in your product to make a purchase. An important prerequisite for this is that you can motivate your prospects to leave their contact details in the first place.

How is this possible? All you have to do is ask the right questions. Rather than trying to figure out how to get your website visitors’ email addresses, ask yourself the following question: What are people who land on our company’s website actually looking for?

Not All Leads Are the Same – Consider the Buyer’s Journey

A closer look at the needs and concerns of different lead types is necessary, because not all leads are the same. Person A, who has just contacted you with a general question about your company, is more than likely not willing to discuss product prices. On the other hand, person B, who has just tested your product, is already familiar with it and is now expecting a call from your sales team.

Leads can be in different phases of the buying decision process and therefore want to be provided with different information. The various lead types indicate whether they have already made contact with your marketing or sales team and how ready they are to close a deal:

The right methods and tools allow you to systematically classify all your new and existing leads and to strategically convert them into qualified leads and ultimately buyers. You can find out how to do this here.

The Right Lead Generation Strategy

The aim of lead generation is to provide interested parties with the knowledge they need depending on their lifecycle stage, and to convert them initially into informed prospects and then into convinced buyers.

But let’s take a step back at this point: How do you make sure that interested parties land on your website, click on “Find Out More” or even fill out your contact form?

When it comes to effective lead generation, we leave nothing to chance. We need a suitable lead generation strategy! Discover more about lead generation strategies, campaigns and tactics here.


Inbound Lead Generation

Successful lead generation is driven by effective content with good CTAs, placed on the right channels. This is how you motivate your prospects to visit your landing page and fill out your forms.


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LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn and your content as a lead magnet – this is the dream team of effective lead generation. In doing so, you use the professional networking platform to attract the attention of prospects and business decision-makers.


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Account Based Marketing

Targeting, reaching and inspiring the most promising accounts – ABM aligns your marketing and sales to ensure a personalised buying experience for your best prospects. It couldn’t be more efficient!


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