Sven Montanus

Sven Montanus

From garage startups to tech giants, Sven has just about scrutinized everything that wanted to change the world when he was working as a journalist – an experience that is certainly not a disadvantage in inbound marketing. Hobby wine merchant and hobby chef.

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Svensson & Friends Becomes &weekly: Our New Brand Goes Live

By Sven Montanus on 17/01/22 16:40

New year, new brand? No. Because we've been looking at how we can weatherproof our company's brand identity for the future for quite some time.

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11 Prospecting Lessons That Quantum Leaped Our Sales

By Sven Montanus on 17/05/19 16:20

If you regularly engage in inbound marketing and inbound sales, you will have certainly come across the flywheel before. The flywheel idea initiated by HubSpot raises the inbound methodology to a new level. It replaces the conventional sales funnel and creates the conditions for faster and more sustainable business growth.

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5 Reasons Why Every B2B Business Benefits from Social Selling

By Sven Montanus on 15/10/18 09:54

The great promise of Social Selling is more sales and a more effective sales process. In this blog post you will learn about the specific benefits that Social Selling offers and why this sales strategy has become indispensable for many B2B companies.

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B2B Content Marketing Statistics from Around the World

By Sven Montanus on 15/05/18 13:35

How do other B2B companies use content marketing? There are a number of exciting studies from North American and German-speaking countries that address exactly this subject. In the following article, we give you an overview of the most important statistics in content marketing, which provide answers to the following questions:

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The Great Opportunities of Social Selling for B2B Companies

By Sven Montanus on 14/03/18 10:55

The increasing digitalisation of our society not only presents enormous opportunities, it also poses major challenges, especially for B2B companies. More and more sales managers are seeing a significant decline in the effectiveness of traditional marketing. Conventional measures such as outbound campaigns, trade fair visits or PR campaigns are losing their promotional effect and they no longer lead to product sales as they once did.

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How to Utilise 280-Character Tweets in B2B Content Marketing

By Sven Montanus on 07/11/17 16:00

The familiar limit of 140 characters for messages on Twitter is a thing of the past. For marketers, the ability to publish 280-character texts presents a new challenge. If the previous character limit felt as natural as 10 results being displayed per page of search engine results, the new, double character limit takes just as much getting used to.

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