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CleanTech provider focuses on scalable growth strategy based on digital marketing and sales.

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Since 1971, FRIWO has stood for smart power supply solutions. As one of the pioneers in this industry, the Westphalian company has sold well over a billion products. In the meantime, FRIWO has established itself as a global system provider and is one of the leading suppliers of digitally controllable power supply and drive solutions.

FRIWO’s core business is in the industrial and medical sectors. The biggest growth market, however, is electromobility. In addition to charging technology, battery packs, power supply units and LED drivers, FRIWO develops intelligent components for electric drives. These are primarily used to equip electrically powered two-wheelers such as electric scooters and e-motorcycles.


Address Prospects with Highly Relevant Content

“E-mobility is a super dynamic and incredibly fragmented field. Start-ups and established players come onto the market with new ideas on a daily basis. We would not effectively reach these providers with conventional marketing approaches,” Lisa Skelnik, Head of Corporate Marketing, Investor Relation & Communication at FRIWO, describing the challenge. “That’s why we rely on a scalable growth strategy based on digital marketing and sales”.

Before Lisa Skelnik took over responsibility for FRIWO’s marketing strategy, the company primarily adopted classic approaches such as product marketing, public relations, trade fairs and account management. These still play an essential role in FRIWO’s core business today. In order to grow in the e-mobility market, FRIWO developed a scalable marketing strategy in cooperation with Svensson & Friends that supports its growth targets in the CleanTech business more effectively.

“Our target group are manufacturers of electric scooters and other electric vehicles in the field of urban mobility. Our buyer personas are product managers and developers who prefer to make their purchasing decisions independently,” says Lisa Skelnik. As a provider of all-round solutions for electric mobility, FRIWO wants to support and actively accompany the buyer's journey of the target customers without appearing pushy or intrusive.


Lisa Skelnik, Head of Corporate Marketing, FRIWO

“E-mobility is a super dynamic market. We rely on a scalable growth strategy based on digital marketing and sales to reach our target group in the best possible way.”

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Lisa Skelnik, FRIWO

On its own website and via social media channels, FRIWO providers webinars, white papers, guides, manuals and other content offerings that are highly relevant to the target group. Paid social media and search campaigns are used to precisely display the content offers with specific targeting. FRIWO wants to generate added value for potential buyers and support them in their purchase decision process – without appearing too promotional.

In order to further qualify new leads as automatically as possible, FRIWO has introduced the CRM solution HubSpot Marketing Hub with the support of Svensson & Friends. HubSpot is now FRIWO's central marketing CRM system for managing all contacts generated via digital channels. For example, prospects who have registered with FRIWO as part of lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn are transferred directly from LinkedIn Campaign Manager to HubSpot Marketing Hub via an interface.


HubSpot onboarding with practical relevance

To ensure a seamless start with HubSpot, it is important to configure the CRM system according to your goals and requirements as best as possible. But that is easier said than done. We support you with HubSpot onboarding.


Explore the benefits

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Buyer’s Journey

Relevant content for every stage of the buying decision process

HubSpot Onboarding

Fast start thanks to optimal CRM configuration

Marketing Automation

Automated lead qualification in SQL contacts

Optimise Lead Qualification with Intelligent Lead Scoring

Content that is available for the awareness, consideration and decision phases of the buyer’s journey is offered for download on dedicated landing pages. Within the HubSpot CRM system, automated workflows access the contacts. Using highly personalised email campaigns, initially unqualified contacts are further qualified step by step until they are finally transferred as Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) to the FRIWO sales team for further processing.

This lead qualification process is also supported by an automated lead scoring model. If a contact’s behaviour signals a potential interest in buying, the lead score increases. For example, this could be if they visit a website with detailed product and price information. On the other hand, if a contact is inactive for a longer period of time or does not open any emails, the lead score drops.


Scalability in lead qualification

You can automate lead qualification with CRM solutions like HubSpot Marketing Hub. This allows you to reap the benefits of optimal scalability and high lead quality as the number of contacts grows.


Explore the benefits

Agile Digital Marketing Supported by Svensson & Friends

“Svensson & Friends is a reliable partner for us with a high level of consulting expertise. The team got to grips with FRIWO’s goals and requirements from the very outset. This is how we succeeded in designing a digital marketing setup and putting it into operation within a few weeks – a joint team effort of which I am very proud”, says Lisa Skelnik, looking back on the first weeks of the project.

FRIWO is now optimally positioned to generate and test new ideas as part of an agile marketing approach. Svensson & Friends continues to support the FRIWO team as a coach and practice-oriented consultant. New, more efficient marketing and sales processes emerge from functioning ideas, for which the FRIWO team assumes ownership.

Lisa Skelnik: “This way, we don’t run the risk of relying too much on an external agency for operational processes in our day-to-day business. The expertise in our team is continuously growing; we are improving every day. At the same time, Svensson & Friends can focus on the next steps in developing new ideas and important optimisation. That's where valuable know-how is best utilised."


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