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Lead Management for B2B Businesses

Best Practice Guide & Model

Failed at trying to align all the steps of your lead management process? If lead management is more of a mess than a well-planned process for you, you've come to the right place. Take advantage of valuable best practices and get started with lead management for your B2B company today.


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Effective Lead Qualification With a Reliable Process.

Is your lead management process not delivering the results you expect? Use our model to examine your lead management process, set it up properly and establish it in your company.


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“With a lead management process in HubSpot, you establish qualification criteria and a sequence of actions to best convert your leads and align marketing and sales initiatives.”

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Step by Step Guide

Your lead management process synchronizes the actions of your marketing and sales teams and defines what should happen and when to successfully convert your leads. Discover with the help of this guide what these steps should look like for your business and where to start.

Get valuable tips on lead qualification and learn from our best practices. Use our guide to optimize your existing lead management process or set up your lead management completely from scratch in 6 steps.


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Lead Management Model

What next best action should be taken to bring your marketing leads a little closer to the deal? When can leads be handed over to sales and what steps need to happen before and after?

Our free model gives you the complete overview of all the stages your leads go through and the actions your team should take to successfully move a lead through the marketing funnel and sales pipeline.


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