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Customer Success Story

Wirelane Generates 1,600 Leads in 4 Months with &weekly Marketing Campaign

The e-mobility startup Wirelane generates a whopping 1,600 leads in just 4 months with a finely orchestrated lead generation campaign across Google Ads, LinkedIn and other channels. Find out all the details in our case study.


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The Free Audit for Better Growth Ideas

Convert more leads into sales – sounds tempting, but would you like to know exactly how we can support you on your way to scalable growth? In a non-binding free audit, we will talk to you about the challenges you want to overcome and the future goals you have set yourself.

We would also be happy to give you valuable insights into what your individual growth strategy could look like – and how you can optimally use go-to-market strategies, content marketing and automation to achieve your ambitious growth goals.

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Three Steps to Greater Success With B2B Marketing

Our free Growth Audit  is as seamless as anything else in our company: We discuss your goals and challenges. We analyse your content, your campaigns and your CRM setup. Finally, we present you with new ideas for better growth.

Step One

30-minute video call to discuss your B2B marketing goals and challenges.

Step Two

Within a week, we conduct an analysis and develop a growth concept for you.

Step Three

45-minute video call where we present growth ideas for your business.


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Customer Success Story

Packwise Embarks on the Road to Success with its Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy

The tech start-up Packwise has developed an IIoT solution for the process industry. With the help of &weekly, the company has restructured its marketing and sales processes and is now achieving ambitious business goals. Why don’t you take a look at our customer story for further details?


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You want to grow with digital B2B marketing and you're looking for ideas for content, campaigns and CRM?

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