Camilla Bernardi, &weekly


Camilla Bernardi

Head of Design

Camilla is happiest giving life to every element of a project with colours, shapes, layouts, and typography. If we converted her design philosophy into an equation, it would be: “Imagination + Clarity + Precision”. Never short on ideas, she works closely with our content team to amplify the reach of the written word, surfacing the most important pieces of the puzzle and visualising them in compelling white papers, infographics, and web content imagery.

Imagination, clarity and precision – the equation of perfect design.

Camilla strives to understand each project holistically, plan her work before it begins, find creative and user-centric solutions, and keep all creative doors open in order to craft the most impactful solutions. Before finding her occupational passion in digital design, Camilla studied Philosophy and Political Theory. She enjoys moonlighting as a yoga teacher.

Anything else?

🌏 Where I live: Amsterdam

🎬 Favourite Netflix series: Dark

🎧 Most listened to Spotify artist: My Chemical Romance

📱 Most used app: Calm

😋 Favourite restaurant: Gschnagenhardt Alm, Südtirol

🏅 Certifications: HubSpot Growth Driven Design

When Camilla is not mixing colors and shapes into new layouts, she is relaxing with yoga, dancing on classical music or reading about philosophy.

Are you looking for fresh design ideas that make your marketing and sales campaigns more beautiful and effective? Camilla looks forward to hearing from you! 👇