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Effective B2B Content Marketing

7 tips from experienced content professionals

Get practical tips, valuable insights, and examples from the &weekly content team! Content marketing is powerful. Especially in the B2B sector, it's not always easy to successfully plan, produce, and promote content. Before achieving a little with a lot of effort, you should just read our ultimate guide to B2B content marketing.


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B2B Content for Your Business Growth.

Follow our 7 tips for content that reaches and convinces your B2B customers. Plan topics holistically, define formats, write effectively, and place content strategically.



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β€œB2B customers crave content. If you position yourself as a B2B provider with helpful content, you can directly influence your target group's buying decisions.”

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Set Up a B2B Content Strategy

In the first part, we take a look at the groundwork. After all, the best content will be of no use to you if you produce it without addressing the demand. Content is effective when it precisely addresses the topics that resonate with your buyer persona. And it does so in the right tone of voice and on the relevant channel.

Your go-to-market strategy will tell you more about this (important!). In the guide, we show you why you need to think holistically about content production and how you can offer suitable content for all phases of the buyer's journey.

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Create B2B Content the Right Way

You can get a lot wrong when producing your content. We'll explain why you're better off with professional writers, how to build stories, and develop numerous formats without a lot of additional work.

You'll also discover how to integrate artificial intelligence into your content team without falling into the usual traps. With our tips, you'll be fully equipped for B2B content marketing to drive your business forward!


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