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B2B LinkedIn Best Practice

With Examples from Real Accounts

Your company's LinkedIn profile just isn't at the pro level you'd like it to be? This guide has everything you need to get your LinkedIn profile up and running with content that works in the B2B space – with practical examples from real LinkedIn accounts.


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Create LinkedIn Content for Your B2B Company

Learn in a nutshell what to publish, when and how – all best practice tips for LinkedIn publishing with examples from real companies.



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"LinkedIn is the most popular network for professionals and those who want to become one. An authentic LinkedIn presence can help you achieve crucial goals for your business."

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What content works on LinkedIn?

Fill your company's LinkedIn profile with content that appeals to your followers and encourages interaction, invites potential buyers to look at your website and brings your company closer to its goals. 

We will show you how to do this. Find out which factors make your posts approachable, helpful and relevant. Learn about the best formats and content for LinkedIn – and see examples from real LinkedIn accounts that will inspire you to improve your company's posts.


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How do you reach the B2B community?

Get lots of practical tips on how to make sure your LinkedIn content really gets seen. In this guide, you'll get helpful best practice tips on what you can improve about your Linkedin strategy to increase visibility.

Learn how to use hashtags correctly – and how to find the right ones for your business. Find out what the best post times are, how often you should post, what the right image sizes are...and much more!


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