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Meike Zimmermann

Head of Content

To form part of effective lead generation, content must meet certain requirements. Each blog post must answer the relevant questions of your buyer personas, while the style and tone should appeal to your readers and reflect your company. All this needs to be prepared, planned and implemented. It’s a good thing that Meike has perfect time management and precise working methods in her DNA.

Successful content serves your business and your readers.

Meike entered the world of content creation, planning and positioning in 2015, right after graduation. Since then, she has gained experience with different content formats, target groups and channels. Having lived in various Hispanic and Franconian places, working in virtual, multidisciplinary teams is part and parcel of her daily life. If you are looking for professional content for your industry with the necessary depth for your readers, you have found the right person.

Anything else?

🌏 Where I live: in Spain, Peru or Franconia

🎬 Favourite Netflix series: Sherlock

🎧 Most listened to Spotify artist: Bonobo

πŸ“± Most used app: Evernote

πŸ˜‹ Favourite restaurant: the rustic pizzeria around the corner

πŸ… Certifications: HubSpot Contextual Marketing, HubSpot Marketing Software, HubSpot Growth Driven Design, HubSpot Inbound Sales

When Meike is not tinkering with a content project, she likes to try out new vegetarian or vegan recipes or can be found enjoying local hiking trails with her dog.

Want to grow your business with professional content? Meike looks forward to hearing from you! πŸ‘‡