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Your Go-to-Market Framework

Guide for your B2B company

Use our free marketing manual with ready-to-use templates to create a clearly defined go-to-market plan for your B2B company.


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Go-to-Market Framework in 6 Steps

This digital marketing master plan makes it easy: create a successful go-to-market strategy step by step or enhance your existing plan.



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"Developing a go-to-market strategy calls for in-depth thinking. You’ll ask yourself basic questions about your target group and your positioning as well as about the most important tactics and tools for implementation."

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Successful marketing requires a well thought-out go-to-market strategy. Those who take the trouble to thoroughly examine the basic assumptions of their own marketing processes will reap the rewards with better conversion rates, high-quality MQL and SQL, lower CPL and more.

This practical step-by-step guide will help you develop an excellent GTM strategy – the key to better marketing.

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Put What You’ve Learned Into Practice Right Away with Free Excel Templates

Don’t just learn what’s important for an excellent go-to-market strategy, get started right away and apply your new knowledge to your B2B company.

Our GTM toolset contains practical Excel templates available for free download. All tools and templates can be taken directly from our Microsoft Excel template and customised for your business.

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