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Are you a digital marketer responsible for the growth of your business? If so, your day is likely to be jam-packed with endless tasks and meetings. One thing that is often neglected though is an eye for detail.

However, it’s often the little things that separate the wheat from the chaff in digital marketing and sales. Since very few marketing and sales pros have time to deal with granular numbers, data and facts, we have compiled a selection of tools that will make your life easier.

All tools are free of charge, can be used in DIY mode without any training and will help you find answers to the following question within minutes: Where does our business actually stand in terms of growth marketing and sales?


Website Grader

It’s really useful to get a quick overview of your website’s performance to find out what’s going well and where the problems lie. HubSpot’s Website Grader is a great tool to give you a quick impression of where your digital presence is at.

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Svensson Friends - Website Grader

PageSpeed Insights

You can either turn SEO into rocket science – or you can start by fixing obvious weaknesses on your website. PageSpeed Insights by Google does just that by showing you what you should improve at the blink of an eye.

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Svensson Friends - PageSpeed Insights

Make My Persona

Every successful growth marketing and sales program starts with a simple question: Who do you want to reach? HubSpot’s Make My Persona tool helps you get a little closer to answering that question.

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Svensson Friends - Make My Persona

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Hey Meta

One of the most underestimated topics is meta tags. Mandatory from an SEO perspective and still a pain in the … Everything could be so easy. Just type your URL into Hey Meta and find out where there’s optimisation potential.

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Svensson Friends - Hey Meta

Blog Ideas Generator

The endless search for THAT catchy headline for your next blog post is over. This nice generator from HubSpot accords with some clichés about atypical blogger headlines. But it’s still very helpful!

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Svensson Friends - Blog Idea Generator


People love images, yet they’re always a real challenge when it comes to finding the optimal dimensions and size. With Squoosh, Google helps to bring a little clarity to the most important standards.

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Svensson Friends - Squoosh


Finally a tool that makes digitalisation in sales tangible while also picking up on a megatrend such as asynchronous communication. Vidyard is Sales 4.0, and there is really no plausible reason not to give it a try.

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Svensson Friends - Vidyard

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