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5 Examples of Excellent B2B Inbound Marketing

By Cornelia Niesner on 24/02/22 11:36

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures – this or something similar sounding could be the slogan for inbound marketing. The triumph of the social web has also brought about many changes in companies’ marketing approach. It was essential to recognise that the trends shifted away from classic push marketing and towards pull marketing and to implement this in the best way possible. The effect: companies are producing more and more high-quality and relevant content instead of relying solely on advertising messages with a high scatter effect.

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Svensson & Friends Becomes &weekly: Our New Brand Goes Live

By Sven Montanus on 17/01/22 16:40

New year, new brand? No. Because we've been looking at how we can weatherproof our company's brand identity for the future for quite some time.

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8 CleanTech Companies That Follow Credible Content Strategies

By Yuki Braun on 27/04/21 14:12

With the level of greenhouse gas emissions skyrocketing and last year being the hottest year in recorded history, the severity of the climate crisis is unequivocal. Fortunately, there are people – and organisations – across the globe making great strides towards enabling a sustainable future. At the top of this list is CleanTech.

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The 13 Must-See Inbound Marketing Conferences of 2020

By Yuki Braun on 19/02/20 16:24

As the new decade settles down around us, the inbound marketing world is more abuzz than ever with the newest trends popping up left and right. From digital marketing geniuses to inbound novices and anything in between, there are conferences for everyone!

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11 Prospecting Lessons That Quantum Leaped Our Sales

By Sven Montanus on 17/05/19 16:20

If you regularly engage in inbound marketing and inbound sales, you will have certainly come across the flywheel before. The flywheel idea initiated by HubSpot raises the inbound methodology to a new level. It replaces the conventional sales funnel and creates the conditions for faster and more sustainable business growth.

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Year in Review: 18 Content Marketing Highlights of 2018

By Yuki Braun on 13/12/18 18:12

Somehow it’s already December, and whether it’s snowing where you live or sunny and warm, I’m sure we all can’t wait for a fresh start in 2019.

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The 10 Must-See Inbound Marketing Conferences of 2019

By Yuki Braun on 28/11/18 16:05

Are you an inbound marketing pro, or have you just started navigating the increasingly digitalised world of marketing? No matter your level of expertise – there’s a conference for you.

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11 B2B Content Marketing Blogs You Need to Bookmark

By Jannika Otte on 04/09/18 09:14

Do you remember the enormous books from your college days? Can you still picture the extensive works with titles like "Everything You Need to Know About Marketing"? In the past, these were often our only references. Hard to imagine in a world where we've become so accustomed to the ultimate source of information: the internet.

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How to Utilise 280-Character Tweets in B2B Content Marketing

By Sven Montanus on 07/11/17 16:00

The familiar limit of 140 characters for messages on Twitter is a thing of the past. For marketers, the ability to publish 280-character texts presents a new challenge. If the previous character limit felt as natural as 10 results being displayed per page of search engine results, the new, double character limit takes just as much getting used to.

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