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5 Steps to Building a Data-Driven Sales Team

By Monique Sherman on 14/08/20 14:20

For half a century, the best marketing and sales campaigns were much more art than science. Think of those memorable lines from the Mad Men era, like Clairol’s “Does she… or doesn’t she?” or Avis’s “We try harder.” Then there’s the brilliance of Frances Gerety’s line “A diamond is forever,” which arguably launched an entire industry in the United States. But then data revolutionized marketing, and now the best marketers are using analytics to drive each step of the buying process.

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7 min read

7 Tips for Inbound Sales and Marketing Alignment

By Yuki Braun on 28/01/20 14:48

In the last several years, the inbound philosophy has taken the digital world by storm. People are ditching aggressive, impersonal strategies for a more personal and inviting approach, and with serious benefits.

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6 min read

Your Ultimate Guide to Inbound Sales

By Yuki Braun on 05/08/19 10:48

Inbound Sales – a phrase that seems to be popping up on our screens more and more frequently. Whether you’ve had experience with it before or not, Inbound Sales is an emerging concept that is quickly gaining speed on its previous colleagues.

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11 Prospecting Lessons That Quantum Leaped Our Sales

By Sven Montanus on 17/05/19 16:20

If you regularly engage in inbound marketing and inbound sales, you will have certainly come across the flywheel before. The flywheel idea initiated by HubSpot raises the inbound methodology to a new level. It replaces the conventional sales funnel and creates the conditions for faster and more sustainable business growth.

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14 Essential Social Selling Tools to Help You Generate Leads

By Milan Ruzicka on 07/05/19 11:40

So you are into social selling? You’ve been boasting about your social branding too, right? Trust us, if you could see our faces, you could see those emojis with hearts popping out of our eyes.

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4 min read

5 Reasons Why Every B2B Business Benefits from Social Selling

By Sven Montanus on 15/10/18 09:54

The great promise of Social Selling is more sales and a more effective sales process. In this blog post you will learn about the specific benefits that Social Selling offers and why this sales strategy has become indispensable for many B2B companies.

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3 min read

The Great Opportunities of Social Selling for B2B Companies

By Sven Montanus on 14/03/18 10:55

The increasing digitalisation of our society not only presents enormous opportunities, it also poses major challenges, especially for B2B companies. More and more sales managers are seeing a significant decline in the effectiveness of traditional marketing. Conventional measures such as outbound campaigns, trade fair visits or PR campaigns are losing their promotional effect and they no longer lead to product sales as they once did.

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