Do you remember the enormous books from your college days? Can you still picture the extensive works with titles like "Everything You Need to Know About Marketing"? In the past, these were often our only references. Hard to imagine in a world where we've become so accustomed to the ultimate source of information: the internet.

Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own content, want to learn about the latest trends in content and inbound marketing or want to get motivated by best practices, it's worth keeping an eye on these 11 blogs. We value them for their diverse perspectives and the fresh wind they bring to marketing!

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1. Gary Vaynerchuck

Hate him or love him! Gary Vee is an eccentric guy, but his success speaks for him. He’s a friend of straight talk and knows how to deftly reference his own story of the self-made man. Even his critics have to admit: His content is rife with creativity and he shines uniquely on each channel. With Gary, you’ll never be bored – guaranteed!

2. Neil Patel

For those who like it a bit calmer: Neil Patel is sympathetic and G-rated. In North America, he is considered a veritable guru of online marketing. If you're looking for in-depth content that's easy to use and based on studies, Neil is the place to go. His blog posts are even available in German!

3. Content Marketing Institute

The classic. The Content Marketing Institute is the source of all research and innovations when it comes to content. Joe Pulizzi, one of the founders of CMI (and perhaps a bit of content marketing itself), provides an overview of the industry and how-to checklists for content creation. In addition, his team keeps you up to date on the latest strategies for developing and sharing high quality content.

4. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics ensures that you don’t lose yourself in facts & figures. Supported by statistics, Kissmetrics offers clear and detailed overviews of how to turn readers into leads and leads into fans. If you want to optimize your content marketing through analytics, start here.

5. Contently

Contently has been named one of the 100 fastest-growing private companies by Inc. Magazine and was awarded the ASJA Award for Investigative Reporting. Not convinced yet? The blog offers a wealth of information about marketing from Facebook content to smart email distributors. Contently will help you to create content that is both unique and exciting.

6. Copyblogger

Copyblogger has specialized in developing solutions for its customers that provide customized answers to specific problems. However, they also provide sound education in the field of content marketing. For example, take a look at their explanation of the difference between copywriters and content marketers. Very informative!

7. Onlinemarketing

This isn’t a blog in the traditional sense, but always features the latest trends. In addition to a magazine that they simply call News, you will find worthwhile white papers for more in-depth analyses. The articles in News are kept short and palatable and are divided into various topics such as content marketing.

8. HubSpot

Marketing and sales are the two favorite topics on the blog of the inbound pioneer HubSpot – and that itself carries a lot of promise! It actually lives up to its motto “Your Daily Dose of Inbound” with long, well-researched articles about marketing for Christmas, the best SEO add-ons for Chrome and content that turns customers into ambassadors. HubSpot is your place to read up-to-date and diversified content about just about everything related to inbound marketing.

9. Marketing Insider Group

A safe haven for every B2B marketer. Michael Brenner and his team hide nothing from their readers. An example? Easy-to-implement strategies for generating more traffic through the process from interested browser to established customer, turning readers into buyers and boosting your sales – all in a very concrete way.

10. Velocity Partners

With B2B content marketing as their specialty, you don’t have to search long for the right posts on Velocity Partners. Their content is full of fresh, useful tips that are even fun to discuss over coffee and doughnuts. Educational and worth reading!

11. Zielbar

A German-language blog with an admittedly slightly confusing design. But the content largely makes up for it – promised! The articles are reader-friendly and the guest contributions diverse. We like how directly Zielbar’s texts address our needs.

Jannika Otte

Written by Jannika Otte

Jannika has been familiar with what makes good storytelling from childhood – she used to infuriate her parents by begging them for goodnight stories. Whoever likes good stories cannot be a bad inbound marketer. Loves cats and is at home wherever she finds herself.