Monique Sherman

Monique Sherman

Monique is Head of Marketing at Automation Hero, a platform that meshes robotic process automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses automate repetitive software-based processes. At Automation Hero, Monique leverages her expertise in developing and executing integrated marketing campaigns to help clearly articulate the company's narrative and business value to the market.

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5 Steps to Building a Data-Driven Sales Team

By Monique Sherman on 14/08/20 14:20

For half a century, the best marketing and sales campaigns were much more art than science. Think of those memorable lines from the Mad Men era, like Clairol’s “Does she… or doesn’t she?” or Avis’s “We try harder.” Then there’s the brilliance of Frances Gerety’s line “A diamond is forever,” which arguably launched an entire industry in the United States. But then data revolutionized marketing, and now the best marketers are using analytics to drive each step of the buying process.

Topics: Knowhow Sales Enablement