Account-Based Marketing

100% Focus on Leads With the Greatest Business Potential.


Content and Campaigns Focussed on Your Hottest Contacts and Leads

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing strategy where the sales and marketing teams synchronise their activities from the beginning and focus on the most suitable and profitable accounts (leads).

What Makes ABM So Special?

Inbound and ABM are the dream team for strategic growth in your company. This is due to the inbound perspective on the marketing and sales process, i.e. that the individual challenges, needs and goals of your customers should be the primary focus.

This is where ABM comes into play. This marketing strategy is highly focused. You identify the accounts with the best conditions and which fit perfectly into your customer profile. All marketing and sales activities such as communication, the buyer’s journey, content and campaigns are precisely aligned with these accounts.

The ABM strategy contrasts with a broader approach, where you contact and nurture leads but only a very small percentage of them really promise success or fit into your target group profile.

ABM – Is It Really Worth It?

Account-based marketing is an effective shortcut to your best prospects facilitated by close cooperation between the marketing and sales team. This has many benefits:

  • Better coordination of marketing and sales processes
  • A more targeted and leaner sales cycle, resulting in more time and resource efficiency
  • Comprehensive buyer experience and stronger customer loyalty
  • Better insights into the success of your strategy and an increased marketing ROI

There’s no doubt that successful ABM requires thorough preparation. We are happy to support you on your way to implementing a highly-efficient and goal-oriented marketing and sales strategy for your company.

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