Value Matrix

Get to the Bottom of the Core of Your Value Proposition.


Address The Pain Points and Goals of Your Buyer Personas With Precise Messaging

Your buyer personas are directly affected by the introduction of your product in their company, have the opportunity to convince others of the benefits or veto it. That’s why you should have a detailed understanding of who these people are.

The value matrix of the Go-to-Market Strategy makes it possible to convey the added value of your solution to every buyer persona using an appropriate message.

To do this, you should find out what functions the individual buyer personas perform in the company, what drives them, what professional challenges they face and what their goals might be.

The key is to identify how your solution helps each buyer persona solve their problems (pain points) and achieve their goals.

Based on this knowledge, a unique value proposition can be formulated for each buyer persona, which you can use to reach all decision-makers and convince them of your solution.

In addition, the buyer’s journey provides you with added insights into the process leading to the purchase decision. This enables you to accompany potential customers on their way to making a purchase in the best possible way.

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