Buying Center & Personas

Identify Relevant Influencers in the Buying Decision Process.


Solitary Decision Makers No Longer Exist, The Buying Center Is the New Norm

You would like to gain a corporate client for whom your solution will generate real added value. So you contact the responsible person in the client company, highlight the benefits of the cooperation and conclude the deal with the same person.

But it’s not quite that simple, is it?

In general, different people in the company have a say when it comes to acquiring and introducing a new product. In fact, on average there are seven decision-makers who play a role in the purchasing process. This is called the buying center.

However, the buying center does not necessarily consist of seven different people. Rather, there are different roles (buying personas) in the company, several of which can be performed by one person.

Buyer Personas and Their Roles in the Buying Decision Process

B2B purchase decisions: How many people are involved?

The typical buying center in a company consists of 6 to 10 members, and that number is increasing. The “one important” decision maker no longer exists.


Purchase or non-purchase: Who in the company decides?

64% of C-level managers have final decision-making rights. 81% of non-C-level employees also have a say.


Influencers: How much influence do they really have in B2B purchases?

The importance of influencers in the buying center is growing. Their role is becoming more and more influential than that of traditional decision-makers.


Once the appropriate target market has been defined, buyer centers and buyer personas enable you to identify the right target group for your product. This way, you ensure that your value proposition reaches exactly those customers you want to convince of your solution. The value matrix determines how you can best reach each buyer persona.

You Have An Idea About Who Your Buyer Personas Are, But Don’t Have Time To Flesh It Out?

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