Buyer’s Journey

Awareness, Consideration, Decision: Be Relevant in Every Phase.


Analyse, Understand and Systematically Guide Purchase Decision Processes

Before a client company invests in your solution, they will follow a decision-making process. The best way to illustrate what this process might look like is to use a practical example.

It all starts with a problem: Employees waste far too much time working with paper-based invoices. Your customer starts to do some research: Isn’t there a better alternative? And they find out: Yes there is! The cumbersome process can be automated with the help of artificial intelligence.

Now your customer wants to find out what such a solution may look like for their business – so they contact various SaaS providers to learn more about the costs and implementation process. This results in a selection of possible providers. After comparing the alternatives, they make a decision about the most suitable solution.

The Phases of the Buyer’s Journey For Your B2B Customers


Your customer becomes aware of an existing problem in the company and starts to search for solutions


The customer creates a list of potential products or services that can effectively solve the problem


Your buyer create a list of possible solution providers and puts the price-performance ratio to the test

The buyer’s journey makes it clear that there are countless opportunities to attract the attention of your customers and demonstrate the value of working with your company before you actually sell your product.

So how can you optimally accompany your customers on their buyer’s journey?

By giving your customers exactly the information they need at every phase – in the form of attractive and effective content of the highest quality. This way, you’ll ensure that leads turn into sales, i.e. you convert potential customers into loyal business partners! The best way to do this is to determine the right sales strategy.

You Have a Rough Idea of Your Buyer’s Journey and Need Help With the Finishing Touches?

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