Pillar Content 

Central Hub for Your Most Important Content.


Pillar Pages: Interactive Encyclopedias Covering The Most Relevant Topics

Do you know the feeling of simply not being able to find sufficient information on a topic and always ending up with unprofessional sources? Badly researched or incomplete content on your website is guaranteed to cause your readers to leave in a rush! When covering large topics, you need a certain depth and scope. This is where pillar content comes into play.

You can only optimally support your buyer personas by providing well-researched, useful content. Pillar content covers a certain topic area, also known as a cluster, and provides detailed information on it from A to Z. The pillar page gives a helpful overview by taking readers from there to other pages and content offerings that deal with the individual aspects of the cluster topic in detail. Intelligently designed pillar content ensures a dynamic and reader-friendly experience.

What’s the goal of pillar content?

Recognise and understand the challenges of buyer personas and solve their pain points.

How does it work?

By providing a clearly and logically structured page where your readers can obtain comprehensive information on a relevant topic.

Whether and when pillar content makes sense for your company and how you can best ensure that it reaches your target audience is determined by the Content Strategy.


Customer Story: FinTecSystems

FinTecSystems positions itself as a thought leader in the FinTech and banking industry by producing high-quality content. In this manner, the company signals to prospects and customers: we are there for you, understand your challenges and deliver content with added value.


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