Gated Content

The Perfect Magnet for Generating High-Quality Leads.


We Offer a Wide Range of Services: From White Papers and eBooks to Manuals and Checklists

Imagine your buyer persona lands on your website via one of your blog posts. They may have been directed there by a search engine or one of your social media posts. Thanks to your fantastic content, they can quickly see that you are a helpful and solid source of information. They’ll probably be interested in hearing more from you. This is where your lead magnet comes into play: an exciting gated content offering that provides you with a stream of valuable leads.

Gated content is any type of content that your visitors can access once they have provided information requested by you. Marketers like to provide valuable content to readers in exchange for name, email address, industry, job title and other contact information.

Why Gated Content?

Optimal lead generation and sales support

In-depth insights into your buyer personas and analysis options

Better lead segmentation, e.g. in email lists

Gated content can be a variety of content offerings such as white papers, interactive eBooks, manuals, checklists, graphic content or case studies. All these content types work as incentives for generating leads, which you can then use for successful lead nurturing and email marketing. Your gated content is presented to readers on user-friendly landing pages where they fill out a form, which then gives them access to your content.


Customer Story: EASY SOFTWARE

At EASY SOFTWARE, gated content plays a decisive role in lead generation. Using high-quality content offerings, the software provider has been able to increase lead quality and gain valuable insights into new contacts.


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