Lead Management

Identify Potential Buyers and Qualify Them Step by Step.


Manage Contacts in a Structured and Time-Efficient Manner and Convert Them Into New Customers

We’re sure that the following idea is as clear to you as it is to us: In order to grow, your company needs customers who will purchase your product or service.

Your website, your company’s presence on social and professional platforms and the content you make available to your visitors are all tools that help you achieve this goal. With the right lead generation strategy, you’ll know exactly how to use these channels effectively to get in touch with as many potential customers as possible. The final step is to convert these prospects into customers.

However, generating a large number of leads also brings fresh challenges:

  • How can you make sure that every contact is used in the best possible way so that no lead falls through the cracks?
  • What is the best way to manage all incoming leads in a structured, time-saving and resource-efficient manner?
  • How can you best encourage your leads to make a purchase and how can you determine whether a lead is ready to become a customer?

The solution is automated lead management. Lead management is an optimally planned process that enables you to efficiently manage a large number of leads and guide them step by step through the sales funnel.


Lead Nurturing

Ensure you provide the content that a lead needs to move forward in the buyer’s journey.


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Lead Qualification 

Identify where a lead is positioned in the sales funnel, i.e. on their way to becoming a paying customer.


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Lead Scoring 

Only those leads for which there is a good chance of deal closure can be transferred to the sales team.


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