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FinTecSystems Is Digitalising Banking and Enjoys Strong Growth With Inbound Marketing.

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When you think of FinTechs, the first thing that comes to mind are hip challenger banks that don’t like to be associated with traditional banks. Yet in addition to fancy apps and disruptive banking offers, there are silent movers in the background – innovators that are laying the technical foundation for the digitalisation of the financial world.

The Munich-based startup FinTecSystems, which is actually no longer a startup, is one of these silent architects that exerts huge influence. Since 2014, the company has been developing technology for the banking industry and all businesses that want to position themselves and offer services in the financial sector. FinTecSystems now employs around 60 people across four locations and can boast as having some of the biggest names in the German financial world among its customers.


Deep Tech for Banking: Digital Solutions from FinTecSystems

Digital transformation is changing all industries, and the financial sector is no exception. Customers want simple, digital offers, whether for banking, insurance, or payment methods for online shopping.

FinTecSystems offers innovative, reliable solutions with TÜV certification – solid and deep technology rather than superficial disruption. As a technology provider, FinTecSystems has relied on digital products from the very outset and has developed into a digital partner in the banking sector over the years.

With its own BaFin license as an Account Information and Payment Initiation Service Provider, the company does not compete with other financial institutions, but rather concentrates on strategic cooperations. As a technology partner, FinTecSystems works together with N26, Santander, DKB and Check24.


Tobias Cawein, Vice President Marketing, FinTecSystems

“High-quality content positions FinTecSystems as a credible thought leader in the financial world. Above all, this signals: we are there for you, we know your challenges, and you can rely on us and our solutions.”

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Tobias Cawein - FinTecSystems

FinTecSystems develops products that make it possible to respond to evolving customer requirements and to regard each customer as an individual. The customer is the centre of attention, which also applies to their marketing and sales strategies.

“FinTecSystems develops financial technology that helps our customers put their customers first”, says Tobias Cawein, Vice President Marketing at FinTecSystems. “The same applies to our marketing strategy: being open and helpful while offering real added value, always with the customer in mind.”


Generating Real Added Value: Content Marketing Focussing on Humans

Informing prospects and customers and providing them with maximum support so that we are present when a decision is made is an ambitious marketing goal. FinTecSystems has been clear from the very beginning that conventional marketing using cold calls, intrusive advertising and events would not work to achieve the ambitious growth targets.

Content marketing was chosen as the cornerstone of the marketing strategy because high-quality content informs, educates and helps prospects in their decision making. What's more, thought leadership creates trust and credibility. As an expert and central infrastructure provider for financial technology and digitalisation, FinTecSystems is ideally suited to this.

Tobias Cawein: “With our blog and other content forms, FinTecSystems helps people to understand, analyse and master both complex content relating to the financial sector and concrete challenges in everyday professional life.”


Content Marketing With Relevant Impact

Up to now, expert knowledge and valuable insights have been in short supply in the FinTech sector. Thanks to its high-quality content, FinTecSystems has been able to establish itself as a contact point for questions concerning the digitalisation of banking. You can find out how content marketing optimally supports your marketing and sales processes here.


Explore the benefits

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More relevant traffic through attractive content

Lead Nurturing

Better conversion rates by using effective CTAs

Marketing Automation

Automated lead nurturing in SQL contacts

Personalised and Yet Fully Scalable: Tailor-Made and Targeted Content

Since 2018, the company has grown its blog and now operates selected social media channels as a competent partner for all aspects of Open Banking and the digitalisation of the financial world. Regular in-depth white papers, which explain particularly important financial topics, complete the offering.

The investment has certainly paid off, as the website has become a popular contact point for questions about Open Banking and the digitalisation of the financial world. However, it does more than answer questions. Thanks to its extensive content, FinTecSystems accompanies the reader all the way to finding solutions – and achieves conversions that are important for building the sales pipeline.

In 2019, FinTecSystems took the next step and chose a CRM with HubSpot’s Growth Suite, which makes it possible to gain a holistic view of customers, to map the entire customer journey and to bring marketing and sales into one system. 

“With HubSpot, we are combining all our information and expertise in marketing, customer support and sales on one platform. Contacts and deals are maintained at one and the same place, which creates uniformity and helps everyone at our company to have a complete overview at all times. This improves cooperation, utilises synergies and prevents silo thinking,” says Tobias Cawein, describing the benefits of an integrated CRM solution.


End-to-End Marketing and Sales CRM

A seamlessly integrated CRM solution is the foundation of scalable marketing and sales processes – as described by Tobias of FinTecSystems. You can find out here what other benefits your company can reap and how implementing the CRM can be done hassle-free.


Explore the benefits

Marketing that Optimally Supports Prospects During the Buyer’s Journey

In 2020, the company invested in strategic lead nurturing and visually strong content on LinkedIn. The goal? Not merely successful lead generation, but to continue supporting the contacts in order to better understand the challenges in the job and find optimal solutions.

Marketing automation supports us in addressing a large number of prospects in a scalable but highly personalised manner. By being in the right place at the right time with our content and our approach, we support prospects effectively along their buyer’s journey. This makes lead nurturing very precise and is individually tailored to clearly defined contact segments.”

The automated workflows in HubSpot provide contacts with targeted content that perfectly matches their pain points, answers unresolved questions on a selective basis and guides them on their journey to finding the right solution. Thanks to marketing automation, this model is also fully scalable. This supports FinTecSystems in responding to the needs of the contact in a highly personalised way and thus in pursuing its mission, i.e. to focus on people. We are excited to see where our journey with FinTecSystems will lead us.


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