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Efficient Energy focuses on innovation for its product and marketing.

Efficient Energy - eChiller120 Launch

Whether it’s climate change, pollution or illegal trade – CleanTech helps to solve many of today’s challenges. What makes the biggest difference here is not so much the use of solar panels and e-bikes in private households, but rather the huge processes underpinning them.

This is where Efficient Energy comes into play. 

The Bavarian company specialises in cooling, something that is needed everywhere on our ever-warming planet. Efficient Energy supplies customers from the industrial, electronics and IT sectors with chillers that work with state-of-the-art refrigeration technology. What’s so special about it? The technology replaces conventional refrigerants with tap water.

Traditional marketing? Out of the question – simple because Efficient Energy cannot communicate its innovations in the form of traditional advertising. The CleanTech sector is based on disruptive technologies that we don’t immediately understand. Although the topic of sustainability is driving the world, the background is different; it cannot be explained in a few sentences.


CleanTech for the Refrigeration Industry: Efficient Energy’s Innovative Technology in the Spotlight

Climate change is turning our world upside down and forcing us to rethink: a fertile breeding ground for CleanTech. However, few realise how critical the conventional way of generating cold and heat is to our future. The extremely harmful gases used to cool our computers, our living spaces and our manufacturing processes pose a risk that can hardly be measured.

Stopping this imminent danger to people, the climate and the environment is what drives the team at Efficient Energy. The eChiller – a chiller that cools in a highly efficient and completely natural manner using water as a refrigerant – was created with a lot of courage and innovative strength.


Georg Dietrich, CEO, Efficient Energy

“There’s a lot explaining to do, which is why a crucial part of our marketing strategy is just that: to explain, educate and be there as a reliable resource for our users, partners, investors and anyone else who wants to transform the refrigeration industry with us.”

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Georg Dietrich, Efficient Energy

“Efficient Energy operates in a notoriously neglected sector that is highly relevant to all of our futures. We are also developing refrigeration technology that exceeds the usual assumptions of the sector in terms of efficiency and performance,” says Georg Dietrich, CEO. “There’s a lot of explaining to do, which is why a crucial part of our marketing strategy is just that: to explain, educate and be there as a reliable resource for users, partners, investors and anyone else who wants to transform the refrigeration industry with us.”


Informing and Educating: Content Marketing is THE Perfect CleanTech Marketing Strategy

Positioning yourself as a reliable source for such a complex topic while rebelling against the market domination of conventional refrigerant and refrigeration manufacturers? The Efficient Energy team is a bit like David coming up against Goliath.

However, this is exactly what content marketing can achieve for companies. It can create awareness, provide relevant information, go into great detail and support decision making. With in-depth content in the form of white papers and thought leadership articles in the Cool Insights blog, Efficient Energy showcases its know-how, proves there is real substance to its products and convinces you that it’s worth investing in the sector, the team and its ideas.

Georg Dietrich: “With the full range of content offerings, we wanted to illustrate why our topics are so important and why we need the support of partners, investors and customers to challenge the status quo and drive transformation. The fact that the blog also supports our sales department and partners in their work is not just a great added benefit; it is part and parcel of our all-round digital marketing strategy.”


Content marketing with great effect

The refrigeration industry is dominated by a few, large players. However, profound expertise and valuable insights were hard to find in the refrigeration industry. By producing premium content, Efficient Energy was able to establish itself as a thought leader in the refrigeration industry. Find out how content marketing can best support your marketing and sales process here.


Explore the benefits

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Content Marketing

Caught the attention of the press, customers and the entire industry thanks to thought leadership content

Go Digital Project

A successful product launch including preparation and follow-up – launched digitally

Lead Generation

New leads through targeted emails, lead gen campaigns and helpful content

Product Presentation Without a Stage? The eChiller120 Curtain Falls Digitally

2020 was a big year for this ambitious company. The launch of the long-awaited eChiller120 finally took place. With the new eChiller120, the Efficient Energy team is taking the next big step in establishing its clean cooling technology. The eChiller120 cools with pure water as a refrigerant and impresses with a higher cooling capacity and significantly wider range of applications compared to the existing eChiller models. Compared to conventional technology, the eChiller benefits from enormous energy savings and a fully compliant refrigerant. The kind of innovation you’re dying to show off to the world! And then? All trade fairs and events were cancelled. 

Once again, Efficient Energy demonstrated its ability to innovate. Instead of postponing the product presentation, the eChiller launched digitally, turning a few hours or days of preparation into entire months and a single stage into a holistic omnichannel concept.

Industry-specific white papers provided prospects and customers with detailed information on the industry and product in advance. The teams stoked anticipation for their new eChiller120 with highly relevant blog posts. Through social media posts on LinkedIn and Xing, the company used another information channel and stayed in touch with the community. Webinars and sneak previews rounded off the offering.

And on the day of the launch, there was a real unveiling after all: the finished product, presented in a 3D drawing of the new eChiller120 and in a series of exciting videos about the new product and the industry. So the launch, out of necessity, took place in front of an audience that a traditional product launch could never have provided. This is as wide as Efficient Energy could have opened the doors.


Go-to-Market Strategy or Who Is My Customer?

Efficient Energy’s content offering is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to know what makes the refrigeration industry unique. But who are these people? What moves these buyer personas? What challenges do they face and where do they need support?

In a go-to-market strategy developed together with Svensson & Friends, Efficient Energy devised answers to these questions, defined target companies and their pain points, and again gained clarity about what it could offer its prospects: a very unique value proposition.


Sponsored Content on LinkedIn und Xing as a Shortcut to Buyer Personas

It is not uncommon for companies in the CleanTech sector to face another unique task, namely that of educating people due to a lack of awareness. How did Efficient Energy deal with this challenge? How could they reach investors looking for investment opportunities but who have not even heard of refrigeration? Customers who have no idea of the challenges they will face in the near future?

The company uses LinkedIn campaigns to reach its buyer personas in a targeted manner and offers them tailored content in short, personalised ads. In customised emails, the sales team addresses the right people with just the right message.

The result? Efficient Energy reaches prospects with helpful content and generates leads and opportunities who are given all the relevant information. The experienced sales team can then close deals much more quickly.


Are you a B2B provider in the CleanTech sector and would also like to make as big an impact as Efficient Energy?

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