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EASY SOFTWARE Supports the Lead Management Process With Tailor-Made Content.

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With a company history spanning three decades, EASY SOFTWARE AG is one of the founding fathers of the German software industry. Since 1990, the company has been developing end-to-end solutions for the digitalisation of business processes, which are now used in 60 countries and by more than 13,000 organisations.

EASY does not offer simple tools for small application areas. Rather, it’s all about holistically reviewing and optimising complex business processes in areas such as human resources and procurement, and then digitalising and automating them using EASY’s solutions.


Exclusive Content for Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

“We provide long-term support for our customers, which is why our marketing and sales activities are so complex”, says Birgit Eijkhout, Head of Corporate Marketing at EASY SOFTWARE, describing the challenge of customer acquisition. With its headquarters in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, the software provider operates a business model comparable to that of the industry leader SAP: The software solutions support customers in thoroughly optimising business processes. Every customer project requires intensive consultation – after all, the integration of the software is a demanding task.

For this reason, it’s only logical that prospects require a lot of time to make a decision. The buyer’s journey is long but structured. “We have analysed in detail how our customers make their purchasing decisions for software solutions like ours. Having a detailed understanding of the buyer’s journey is the basis for a scalable marketing strategy”, says Birgit Eijkhout.

EASY knows exactly what information the buyer personas need in the respective phase of the decision-making process. And this is where the marketing team comes in: EASY proactively supports the buyer’s journey in the awareness, consideration and decision phases with customised content offers. If a prospect requests a white paper on topic A or attends a webinar on topic B, these serve as important indicators that flow into lead qualification.


Birgit Eijkhout, Head of Corporate Marketing, EASY SOFTWARE

“We address a broad range of target groups and decision-makers. The key to our growth lies in the intelligent combination of content and automation.”

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Birgit Eijkhout - EASY Software

EASY SOFTWARE supports organisations from a wide variety of industries in the digital transformation of their business processes. The company has expertise in all disciplines required for a successful digitalisation strategy. In addition to the human resources and procurement sectors already mentioned, EASY SOFTWARE provides comprehensive solutions for managing master data, documents and the customer experience.

Numerous industries, diverse business processes and application areas: It quickly becomes apparent that EASY SOFTWARE must adopt a wide-ranging content strategy in order to reach all buyer personas – and still proceed in a focussed and well thought-out manner to be able to grow as scalably as possible using digital marketing and sales tactics.


Topic Cluster Strategy for Optimal SEO Performance and Conversion Rates

One of the keys to achieving growth targets is the generation of qualified leads and automated qualification using the HubSpot Marketing CRM. “Lead generation works best with high-quality content”, says Birgit Eijkhout. “Our experience shows that excellent content is the best foundation for high lead quality and excellent conversion rates. With Svensson & Friends, we have a partner who advises us strategically and creates content together with our marketing team.”

EASY SOFTWARE relies on topic clusters for its content strategy. For dedicated topic areas such as document management or master data management, EASY SOFTWARE continuously creates new content with support from Svensson & Friends. The topic clusters are holistically prepared on pillar pages. Regular blog posts provide relevant content for each phase of the buyer’s journey: from the awareness and consideration phases to the decision phase. Additional gated content complements the pillar and blog content and drives lead generation.

The cluster strategy positions EASY SOFTWARE’s website as a domain authority in the respective subject areas, while ensuring optimum SEO performance. As a result, organic website traffic is growing constantly – and it is the “right” traffic, i.e. primarily EASY SOFTWARE’s buyer personas who are attracted by the diverse content offerings.


Content Marketing for Better Growth

Well thought-out content marketing covers all phases of the buyer’s journey, supports lead generation and increases SEO performance. Find out how you can accelerate your growth with content marketing.


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Buyer’s Journey

High-quality content for every stage of the buying decision process

Lead Management

Efficient lead qualification from the top to the bottom of the funnel


Increasing organic search traffic thanks to an effective topic cluster strategy

Efficient Lead Management in Close Cooperation with Sales Team

In addition to high-quality content, seamless cooperation with the sales team is a decisive success factor for EASY SOFTWARE’s marketing efforts. “We want to provide our prospects and customers with a consistent customer experience that starts with the initial contact via one of our many touchpoints in marketing and sales”, says Birgit Eijkhout. “From my many years of experience in B2B marketing, I know that the cooperation between the marketing and sales teams can be one of the biggest bottlenecks. If marketing and sales processes do not work together in a frictionless manner, this is immediately visible to prospects and customers.”

EASY SOFTWARE prevents this by ensuring close cooperation between the marketing and sales departments. New content topics are identified and discussed together. Business goals such as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) are clearly coordinated. All employees involved pull together and are therefore more successful than each department could be on its own.


Smarketing: Marketing and Sales Become One

The seamless integration of marketing and sales is one of the most frequently underestimated challenges. Here you will learn how to be more successful through precisely coordinated goals and processes.


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Growth Marketing Is a Long-Term Strategy, Not a Temporary Project

Growth-oriented marketing and sales strategies are always most successful when they run on a long-term basis. Content marketing, lead management and SEO are tactics whose full potential only unfolds over a longer period of time, but then becomes all the more sustainable.

“With Svensson & Friends, we have a partner at our side with whom we work on an equal footing,” says Birgit Eijkhout. “As one large virtual team, we pursue the growth objectives of EASY SOFTWARE together, and are therefore highly effective. The key to our success lies in long-term cooperation. This creates a deep shared understanding of the strategies and tactics with the greatest impact.”


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