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Provider of predictive analytics software benefits from transparent lead funnel in HubSpot and Salesforce

Thanks to software that can simulate the performance and profitability of electricity storage systems, the Munich-based start-up became the market leader for predictive battery analytics within just a few years. Its marketing and sales department, on the other hand, were not as good at analysing their leads. Collaboration with the B2B growth experts at &weekly provided some much needed clarity.


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A Lead Management System from a Single Source.


TWAICE was already using Salesforce as a CRM system in its sales team, but it was not set up cleanly. However, HubSpot needed to be integrated into marketing as well. The challenge: to synchronise both systems seamlessly.


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From the Case Study

โ€œOur biggest challenge was the lack of transparency. The setup was not robust enough to grow in a scalable mannerโ€

โ€“ Lennart Hinrichs, Vice President of Marketing & Partnerships, TWAICE

The Energy Revolution Must Now Take a Steep Turn

The rapid conversion of the energy supply to zero-emission electricity is no longer an option; itโ€™s an absolute necessity! The technology is available, but there is room for improvement with regard to the power storage performance of batteries. TWAICE offers important insights into overcoming this challenge.


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Ensure Your Lead Funnel Doesn't Remain a Black Box

Which marketing measures are effective in which channels? How can you qualify leads and focus on the promising ones? In which situations is it worthwhile to pick up prospects in order to increase your conversion rate?

All these questions can now be answered by the battery analyst TWAICE based on concrete figures โ€“ all thanks to a lead management system designed and implemented by &weekly.

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