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Ambitious Growth Strategy With Smarketing Catapults Swiss AI Experts Forward

The Legal AI solution from Legartis speeds up the contract review process. But which marketing approach succeeded in accelerating the sales cycle of the SaaS grown-up?

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Go-to-Market Plan With a Steep Learning Curve.

2020: LegalTech is little established in legal departments in the DACH region. 2023: Legartis' SaaS offering is the talk of the town. In between: targeted campaigns and marketing measures, exceptional action-oriented cooperation, and a comprehensive service package. Dive into this amazing success story!



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“There was a lot of marketing work ahead of us. We had ambitious plans for the future of Legartis, so we wanted to do it right.”

– Nicole Schnetzer, Head of Marketing at Legartis

Legartis Stands for Artificial Intelligence in Legal Teams

With an AI solution for automated contract review, Legartis is changing the process in legal departments from the ground up. Whereas lawyers have to painstakingly go through the clauses of a contract manually, the AI is ready within seconds – enabling the team to be ready for contract negotiations.

Legartis wanted to aim high with this innovative software. However, the top of funnel (TOFU) lead generation was not up to scratch. And the conversion in the marketing funnel needed to be more cost-effective. This is where the Swiss company brought the HubSpot professionals from &weekly on board. What happened next?


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A Game Plan That Has It All

Legartis and &weekly created a bold strategy from which they derived a detailed growth plan. Lead funnels were built, processes defined, leads segmented, and funnel-based reporting implemented.

And the plan has worked! Today, Legartis runs a well-oiled marketing machine. But how did the team manage to acquire customers for the legal tech software in a profitable manner? And which marketing hacks generated the desired results?

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