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FinTech comes of age and champions marketing pivot

From a FinTech pioneer to a reliable partner of established Swiss banks. All from 2019 to 2022. When a company's story and situation change, its marketing strategy also needs a bold change of direction. How did Contovista manage the pivot?


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A content strategy that can do more than thought leadership.

How does a company evolve from thought leadership blogging to specific input for customers with visually strong updates on products and companies?



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From the Case Study

In cooperation with &weekly, Contovista develops and implements a content strategy with careful planning, strategic touchpoints and customised formats.

Banking innovations from Switzerland?

Switzerland can do more than traditional banking. Contovista has been developing data-based banking innovations for the banking industry since 2013. Dynamic product development and in-house solutions on current topics such as sustainability and open finance characterise Contovista AG.

Contovista's mission: to advise and accompany banks on the path to success. And in turn support the bank in its mission to become more relevant for customers, to strengthen and improve the relationship.


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The foundation has been laid – and now?

In 2019 to 2021, Contovista and &weekly pursued a common direction; in 2021, new wind is coming up and the content strategy must follow suit: More of Contovista, more of the products, show more innovation. In addition: go deeper into the topics and products, shed light on more pointed topics such as sustainability and multibanking.

Find out how marketing and content strategy can be revamped without throwing everything overboard, why Contovista chose &weekly again and what happened next.

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