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Yuki Braun

Working Student, Content Practice

Yuki is our content ninja. Despite juggling a full-time education at the University of St Andrews, she never fails to meet a deadline and consistently delivers her best work. Yuki’s stories for our own Growth by Design Blog keeps our audience up to date on all things digital marketing and sales. Yuki is always up for a challenge and loves learning about new ideas in the world of growth marketing and sales.

Content that is high in quality and puts a smile on your face.

If you’re a Marketing or Sales Head looking for content that is effective and to-the-point but can still put a smile on your buyer persona’s face, Yuki is the writer for you! With almost a decade of story-telling experience, she definitely knows her way around a keyboard. Combining valuable content with her unique writing style means she can keep our loyal readers happy while also drawing in new sets of eyes.

Anything else?

🌏 Where I live: Munich is my home, but you can find me at the University of St Andrews in Scotland during term time

🎬 Favourite Netflix series: Modern Family

🎧 Most listened to Spotify artists: Imagine Dragons, One Republic, and Morat

📱 Most used app: WhatsApp

😋 Favourite restaurant: Anywhere that serves great Japanese food

When Yuki’s not creating content or attending a university lecture you can find her playing basketball or preparing for her piano diploma exam.

You want content that is effective and engaging but you’re coming up empty-handed? Yuki would love to hear from you! 👇