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Eleonora Bernardi

Associate, Design Practice

Eleonora studied Visual Art and Advertising Graphics in Venice. Whenever she travels, Eleonora can't resist collecting magazines, brochures and other design objects to draw inspiration for her work.

Her work is based on two dimensions: The creative part is about authentically representing our customers through an individual design language. Eleonora focuses on the smallest details and lets them grow into a unique identity. The second step is the rational part, where Eleonora follows principles like order, precision and consistency. Both parts together make up the big picture – just as Eleonora would describe her own personality.

“But I find that for myself, without exception, the more I deal with the work as something that is my own, as something that is personal, the more successful it is.” – Marian Bantjes

Anything else?

🌏 Where I live: Trento, Italy

🎬 Favourite Netflix series: Friends

🎧 Most listened to Spotify artist: Fabrizio De Andrè

📱 Most used app: Instagram

😋 Favourite restaurant: El Filò, the best fine grilled meats in Trentino

In her free time, Eleonora is most likely to be found in her garden – for example, on the bench right next to her greenhouse, where she enjoys an aperitif with her family after work. Friends are always welcome!

Are you looking for new design ideas that take your marketing and sales to the next level? Eleonora looks forward to hearing from you! 👇