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Benjamin Altrichter

Associate, Growth Practice

Benjamin is an online marketing expert with a soft spot for performance. Benjamin doesn't like anything that doesn't perform. That's why he tinkers with a campaign until it delivers what our customers want to see: Impressions, clicks and leads in the finest quality. In the process, Benjamin works his way through a whole series of channels, so that when he's done, he can wrap up the day happy and satisfied somewhere in the world.

Anything else?

🌏 Where I live: Thailand

🎧 Most listened to Spotify artist: Iron Maiden

πŸ“± Most used app: Google Maps

πŸ˜‹ Favourite restaurant: DiverXO, Madrid

πŸ… Certifications: Google Ads, USTA 4.5

Are you looking for ideas to grow faster? Benjamin looks forward to hearing from you! πŸ‘‡